Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aliens Kidnapped Me/First Day of School

Every June/July/August I get kidnapped by aliens.  They abduct me and carry me off on their spaceship where they do yearly cognitive tests on me, and then they mind wipe me so I don't remember anything much except a bright light and drop me back on the planet at the beginning of September about the time when big yellow vehicles come and take my children to places of learning and growth and give me a small amount of ...what do you call it?...."free" time.  Of course it's not free at all, it's just LESS spoken for than usual...there's still quite a waiting list for it's use!  But pretty much all I can remember of the summer months are bright lights and I know it's the aliens.

  Now I'm back...and there's so much to do to catch up...but a few short minutes a day are all I need for my poor neglected journal which to you is a blog but to me is a record of our lives from a harried, slightly schitzophrenic yet often humorous viewpoint.  Expect LOTS of post dated posts from the summer!  But for today, I figured all you aunts, uncles, grandma's, grandpa's would want to see what happened this morning: Lily Elizabeth Lindquist.....
First, we dressed her all up!  (Well...she dressed herself up...with an outfit she's been planning since last April.)

.....loaded her DOWN with big backpack...(and apparantly a very big ring...just noticed that detail...)
Also...please disregard the crows must have been the....sun?  wind?  aliens?

Gave her a big old whopper of a kiss.....

....and said, "Now get on outta here!"  Well...that's what I was saying.  From this picture, I'd say Tim was just trying to get up!  Maybe the aliens got to him too!  We just aren't our(young)selves lately....

"And YOU!  Don't think you're going to escape the big yellow machine in all the commotion!"

"Just step right in!"  Lily didn't look back (they never do), but Timmy was keeping his eye on her, so there were no worries.  Not to mention she knows half the kids on the bus...

Tim and I looked at each other...."Are you sad?" 
 "No.  It feels right." 
 "Same here." 
 "See ya." 

Very undramatic...but then again....we have teenagers....that's their department and they keep it running strong!