Thursday, September 29, 2011


 It is nerd day at school this week for Homecoming.  Zach has a hard time with the look...but the other two do an admirable job.  You can't see it in the picture but Zach has his Varsity Football sweats on, which is a decidedly un-nerdlike choice...but when confronted with his jocklike apparel, he claimed he needed to be comfortable-IRONICALLY because he has a Pre-Calc Exam today...which is the perfect nerd reason!  Circles entrance me.  Here are the nerds.  This is what I always imagined my kids would be like anyway!!!

Love 'em.
Andrew...perfect nerd smile.
Katie....nails it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tucked In

We here in Minnesota, despite the forest fires devouring the boundary waters up north, are supposed to get a freeze tonight.  It is THREE PRECIOUS WEEKS earlier than usual!  We just started getting zucchinis on a regular basis, and the tomatoes have never looked better due to the 80's plus temperatures we've been enjoying.  SOOOOOOO, Katie, Lily and I just spent the last hour dragging every linen we own out of closets, basement, and even off of Zach's bed- those needed washing anyway... to cover our vegetable and flower gardens.

Four points struck me as we scurried in the twilight to get everything tucked in.

1.  This is a great way to reorganize and straighten a linen closet. (Which needed cleaning as much as Zach's sheets.)

2.  I am amazed and embarrassed by how many old sheets and blankets I have managed to collect.  I could be on my way to hoarding status (fascinated by that tv show!).  And this is after I took all my "seconds" up to the cabin and filled the closet up there!  Yikes.  Could my husband be right?  Do I really need all these? WELL....OBVIOUSLY YES!  LOOK AT ME NOW!  IN FACT I COULD USE ABOUT 10 MORE!!!

3.  My entire linen and blanket supply, including ones I currently use,  is/are now strewn across my yard, and if anybody would like to stroll the neighborhood and help themselves, there's not much to stop them!  Will I be able to sleep tonight?  Well one thing I know, I'll definitely be sleeping with the windows OPEN to listen for linen thieves, freezing breeze or no!

4.  Referring back to point number three...sleeping with the windows open and the cold breeze pouring in will be problematic... since all my blankets are OUTSIDE!

It's the conundrums of life that entertain me.
My husband may not find this so entertaining, though.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that my son only played one tournament in AAU ball before he had to have knee surgery...and that he really believed that those silly white knee pads would help his knee?
Did you know that my daughter turned FIFTEEN last spring

and was attended in present opening by very excited family members?

I bet you weren't aware that Lily took swimming lessons either!

Or that this chic can run!  
She doesn't like to run...but she can do it!

Easter eggs were a family affair this year....

as was Timmys BAPTISM which he did alongside his best bud.

Did you know that high fives are were given?

...and certificates....!

Surgery on the knee soon followed...the day after Easter as a matter of fact!

Did you know that this is a picture of Zach taking a picture of his own kneecap?

Well...a piece of a kneecap anyway.
(You can leave this website anytime you like....I'll understand)

We had a cutie pie turn SIX

..and she was just a little excited.... get her first American Girl doll!

Did you know that Zach is available to help at little girls' birthday parties?
But he doesn't promise to promote literary skills...

She will promote literary skills
and creative spelling....
...and logic..sort of...

....and did you know the girl can jump?

Did you know that this guy...

...cleans up pretty nicely, I must say...

...and he's always willing to pose with fans...

...or butterflies...

Did you know....she was third in conference? 
As a freshman?
It kinda caught us by surprise too!

She wasn't sure what to do!

Our dog is doing fine....

...and this is how we roll when we go to the cabin...
plants, pets and people 

Did you know our dock about washed away twice!

But I saved the day....
with my trust wrench....'s me....

...saving the day...

...others were of some help as well....

My sweet niece graduated....
and we all went.

Andrew turned EIGHTEEN
and determined to no longer cut his hair....

Timmy turned TWELVE
and determined to make it the best year ever....
..and chew quieter...

...and to win all the awards he could... every contest he entered.

Speaking of winning.....
thank you Adam.
It was an interesting day at the amusement park!

Did you know you can put on funny hats and pack rice for starving children?
Well  you can.
And you should.

Even this guy knows this!

Did you know that Zach had ANOTHER surgery?

...right before we celebrated Andrew's birthday by fire!

Some like it hot.
Some don't.

Well that about catches you up on everything you MIGHT want to know about our family through June.  What can I do?  I have so much to tell you, but if I blog about each event, I'll never get through.  I hope you don't mind this whirlwind tour of last spring.  Look for a whirlwind tour of the summer coming up, and a slower, kinder, gentler Fall.  Thank you for your patience.

Soon To Be Armed and Dangerous

Men in the Middle Ages carried swords, and they knew how to use them  In the 19th century few went anywhere without a pistol or a rifle.  In World War Two people planted Victory Gardens and used food ration cards.  In the 50's and 60's, cars, except in Amish communities, completely replaced the horse and buggy, and pretty much everyone got driver's licenses by the 1970's.

These were all signs of the times.

None of these things were really optional in the general environment and culture in which they existed.

Now.... it's wireless signals that run our lives....

And after limping along, resisting all the way in the computer world, I am announcing that we are jumping in.  We definitely can't beat them, so we are joining them...for better or for worse.

Hopefully by the end of this week, I will once again have a computer that I can blog with, and blog with easily.  And I will have two laptops at my disposal.  And they will all be wirelessly connected so that I can access any of them any time, print wirelessly, pay bills wirelessly, play music wirelessly (ok that one might take some more time, but it's possible), access documents wirelessly, keep a wireless calendar.

Right now I am sitting in the Apple Store (interesting that they call themselves "Apple"....but that's another post...think Genesis...) waiting for "Lion" to download and anxious to get this whole new system up and running.  You wouldn't believe what they can teach you here!  Not that you don't pay for it, but still!

So all that to say that soon the Lindquist's will be "State of the Art," "In the Groove," "Wired!"  Yea baby. Can't wait!  More coming soon!