Friday, February 8, 2013

Cousins and Snow: The Ultimate Combination

Cousins and Snow: The Ultimate Combination

We had a lovely three day visit with my family in Southern Illinois over New Years.
There were cousins galore!
Christmas presents!
My Dad's retirement to celebrate!
Not to mention, my parents' 45th Wedding Anniversary!
It was a busy THREE DAYS!

But to top it all snowed....
not just a skiff, but a real hearty several inches
of packable, sleddable snow.
And it wasn't even very cold!
(Remember we come from Minnesota!)

So of all the celebrations....
this is my favorite set of pictures...
(My sisters and I were in Walmart, shopping for  PARTY food.)

But here are some of the fun shots that I found on my camera
when I got back!

What a fun place for a snowball fight.

This was the first picture of the set.

The cousin in the navy coat is either very brave, or doesn't quite get the concept...but he will soon!

See the snowball....coming right at ya!
Wait a minute...coming right at my camera!
Who was taking these pictures?
Seriously...if that thing has a curve on it...

Every picture of Zach is one with a snowball in hand.
Rapid Fire we call him now.

The smiles!

Well...not everybody I guess...
But make no mistake....

...the sweet little thing in the puffy pink snow gear....

was an assassin!
We like to lovingly describe her as 

"Relentless" kind of runs in the family, you see.....

There was even an uncle or two involved, 

and of course SOMEBODY has to cry, 
(queue Lily...)
or it's just not a snowball fight....


Hmmmmm.who had the most fun......?

It's hard to say but.....

I have my suspicions....!

Packing a mean snowball is a talent...Minnesotans train for this
 at recess from November through April, 
the goal being to leave a bruise....
so I feel we had an advantage.

You can even name your snowball
as you're packing it...
"Bruiser, Bloodshed, Bullet"...
are just some common ones.

This post is getting dark....

"Hey!  Let's sled!"

Sled in the woods?
Of course!
When you grow up in the woods like we did...
you sled in the woods because the alternative
is ....
and that won't do so...

This looks like a good run...only a few

But before that, you have to cross the creek...

It warms my heart to see my kids in camo.
Did I mention we live in the suburbs?
We don't get to wear camo very often.

As long as there have been vines in this world,
there have been kids swinging on the vines.
This too, I know.

All sizes of kids.....

It's really fun!

And then it's NOT!
Just kidding!
She's belly sledding of course.
We make do....

Oh good...somebody brought a sled.
Works much better!

It was a GREAT afternoon,
and one, I think, my kids will always remember.

I will, anyway....
and I was at Walmart!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blue's His Color

Thought about it....

Talked about it....

Prayed about it...
(OK...this was just a picture where his eyes 
happened to be closed...but we
 HAVE prayed about it!
  A LOT!)

Zach decided to commit to playing football for the Air Force Academy.
His acceptance is, of course, contingent on getting the nomination,
but we are excited for his decision and trusting God to see what happens.

He enjoyed the support of his coaches, teams (football and basketball), TEACHERS (special shout out to Mrs. Eldredge and Mrs. Breening) and admins...

and sibling support is never to be underestimated either!
Timmy (blue hat on the right)
 is just checking over the paperwork to make sure
 everything is in proper order,
 as a good manager should.
It was, after all, Timmy's YouTube
 account that started everything.
I think I may have been watching a little
 too much "Downton Abbey."
Kindly excuse my formal diction, if you please.

He's a good boy.

He'll do fine.

Blue is a great color on him.

And I don't look too bad in houndstooth either...
but I digress....
.....and to digress further, I  haven't gotten a facelife or lost weight.
I'm just using Zach's arm to hide my jowls.
Done digressing now....

Go Zachary!
We love you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School Days

Welcome to a snapshot of our lives 
over Christmas Break.
Notice the laundry that adorns the couch 
and the relative lack of Christmas decor.
I was sick over Christmas and barely survived.
Because I was sick, the poor kids had to take care of themselves.

Here's what happened.


Notice the bright red "School Set" and the girl in the braids.
(She's the teacher)
The ones on the couches are the ruffians.

were her class.
It was remedial.

But nothing stops a born teacher.
Believe me, I know.
She's got it bad that one; in fact, she tried to rule the roost as soon as she could sit upright.

She mostly succeeded.
Some people are just like that.

Corporal punishment might have been threatened.
But no worries...she knows how to handle boys.
Life as the youngest teaches you to handle most anything.

....not always wisely, though.

She was a tough grader, but the funny thing was...
we all enjoyed her classes.
It was fun just to have the family together,
with Lily "in charge."
All was in its proper order.
For awhile at least.