Monday, May 17, 2010

Disney Hodgepodge

Raise your hand if you are sick of me blogging about Disney?  I see you!  I agree!  As fun as it was, blogging it is bogging (ha ha) me down!  Just so you can know that the end is in sight, there will be TWO more posts on Disney after this and's one for the history books.  Because believe it or has continued on for us...quite rapidly as a matter of fact!  So!

Back in my day, we gave things we liked a "two thumbs up."  No more.  Now they do this "v" thing...I think it stands for victory, but whatever it stands for, it seems to fulfill many purposes for the younger set:

"Tower of Terror" gets a "V"

THIS needs no "V!"
  I think Katie took this because that's me eating a squished pb&j in the background.
Do you think she LOVED Tower of Terror???
She was higher than a kite.

The day at Holleywood Studios was another monsoon, but we found some dry spots for Lily to practice HER signature in preparation for her future career as a Disney princess.

We met a lot of characters, but only BUZZ got the TOE POP from Lily.
She knows what she likes...and I guess it's the buff, plastic sort.

Here's fueling up for a day at ANIMAL KINGDOM!

WELL..maybe it's because we finally had SUNSHINE!  We were at a park...and we were dry!
It revolutionized things!
See the early morning light on this picture of the Animal Kingdom Safari? 
Granted we had to jog past a hundred people or so...
 and I'm sure those babies we ran into the ditch are just fine...
and my Mom will quit laughing at me one of these days...

She thought I'd lost my mind...but the first safari ride of the day was AMAZING!
We saw ALL the animals and didn't have to wait in line at all.
I knew she'd thank me later...
if she could catch up to me...

Fueling up!
All that running made us HUNGRY...this barbeque was an ambush!
They make it smell better than they have to.
It's Disney.

More fueling up.

They wanted our food.  They wanted our food badly.
And we were afraid.
Yes we were.

While Katie and Grandma rode the Mousetrap/Dinosaur ride (tee hee...I hate that one...)
Lily and I played in the sandbox.
This girl's name was Katie Elizabeth...a coincidence that Lily Elizabeth still can't get over.
They are now Best Friends Forever, Sworn Sisters of the Sandbox, and plan to take a backpacking trip through Europe in 14 years.
Lily will tell you all about her if you ask.

Katie Grace made us pudding parfaits that night.
Oh the joys of having a kitchen.
Don't leave home without it!


You've already read about our day at the beach....
but what you don't know, is after that LONG day in the sun...

...we drove back to Orlando and went to bed.....
We drug our weary, sunburned bodies to MAGIC KINGDOM at night!!!

It was a slaphappy, sort of surreal experience....

See what I mean?
She's contemplating putting her oldest daughter in a psychiatric help clinic for
Disney Overachievers with Theme Park Addiction Issues.

But hey...who doesn't love a carousel ride?

Here is Lily, the next day, enjoying her first and last poolside dacquiri!


"What???  I only get ONE? 
 They're only five dollars each!
  I can't BELIEVE you'd cut me off!
 I'm going to go play the limbo!"
(Pictures of that on second to last Disney post tomorrow...
let's just say she's still getting the concept!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Disney Tales: An Unexpected Twirl

While we were at Epcot, a monsoon rolled in and we experienced the most intense drenching I've ever seen!  To get out of the flooded streets, and to give Katie a break from her paranoia of getting "trenchfoot," (she'd been studying WWI.), we decided to have some appetizers at about 4:00 at the restaurant in "Morocco."  Pardon the "dewy" faces in this picture...the humidy was 100%!

Those are some wet feet under that table!

Here is a picture of our repast.  Katie loved it.  I liked it.  Mom endured it.  Lily ate snacks from the backpack.

But then!  Out came the entertainment!  These guys (and gal) were right next to us...very entertaining!

You know...this chick has my admiration.  She was a little older...probably an ex-princess...but she still got out there and.... know...
The only problem was...

Lily was ENTRANCED!  She was awestruck!  She watched the whole 10 minute gig, or should I say jig, with utter concentration.  Then they left.  I was settling the bill when....

Grandma Marsha:  "Look!  Look at your daughter!!" giggle giggle.
Katie:  "I wish a hole would open up in this restaurant and swallow my mortified self.  I can't believe she's doing this...."
Me:  "What? What?"  Look over.

Out on the dance floor. 
 She had all the moves, if not all!
 She was a natural...

So the good news is if becoming Ariel or Cinderella doesn't work out...
she's got options....
she can be a belly dancer in a Morrocan restaurant!!!

It's good to have options, I always say.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Everybody keeps asking us if Lily is back to "normal" since the accident. Well.....

"What is "normal" anyway?"

I don't think this is it!

Definitely not.

"Hello all you normal people out there!" 

"Whoever you are!  Hello!  Someday we may join you!  But not anytime soon!"

Yes, I guess we are back to "normal."  Heaven help us.

Monday, May 3, 2010

An Accidental Extrovert

Guess what I learned about myself (at the age of 39) this last month?  I'm an extrovert.  I can hardly believe it.  You see, as soon as I learned the definitions of introvert and extrovert way back when, somewhere in late elementary school, I pegged myself squarely as an introvert.  Why?  A couple reasons.  I liked to read books by the schoolhouse door during recess instead of playing on the black tire jungle gym with the other girls.  In fact, I preferred books to any social interaction-- and I was academic and everybody knows nerds are introverts.  And I wore glasses....big ones... But now that I think about it as a rational adult, I can factor in some other issues---such as 6th grade girls are mean and have secrets, especially to girls who wear cokebottle glasses and sometimes use big words, while characters in books are rarely mean to the reader who is always privy to their deepest thoughts and they never leave you out, nor comment on your personal attire.  Plus the tire jungle gym smelled like rotten rubber.  I am sensitive to smells.  

Early this April, I took yet another personality quiz which indicated that I was an occurance that has puzzled my strong introvert identity my whole life.  Honestly, I've spent a lot of time over the years trying to figure out why an introvert like myself had so many extroverted tendencies.  Was I a "bivert?" (You are supposed to laugh here.) 

 Anyway, after taking the aforementioned quiz, and then reflecting on my forced time alone in a hospital room (with a sleeping drugged out child granted) for six days, in which I clung to facebook messages like an addict, I realized that I love interacting with people!  It really does energize me.  Could I really be the opposite of what I've always thought I was?  Like the lens that the eyedoctor flips over your eyes in an eye exam, suddenly so many things become clear....why being a stay at home mom is an emotional challenge for me and why it's getting harder as my house empties out (during the schoolday) instead of easier....why I get depressed when I'm not in Bible study with other women even when I am still studying the Bible privately.... why I LOVE reading and writing blogs even though I've never enjoyed private journaling.... why I MUST have a book to read if I do have to be alone even for very short timespans... All these things suddenly make sense, that never made sense to me before. 

I love my new identity.  I love that I just realized this.  I love blogging, and that's OK because God made me to love it and it's not just that I don't want to do the laundry...or sweep the mudroom AGAIN...or clean out under the kitchen sink...  Although that is true too.

I'm curious....what do you consider yourself...and introvert or an extrovert?  And are you SURE?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recovery Road

Finally about day 4 or 5 at the hospital, I decided that a few pictures might be interesting to Lily later on.  Once she'd passed  her cognitive tests and all that, and we knew she was going to be ok, the blogger in me peeped her head up and snapped a few photos.  Since nobody under 5 could come up to the fourth floor, they let us wheel Lily down twice...once to see friend Cora and here to see cousins Annika and Mari and Aunt Kirstin.  Also pictured is Lily's Nana who spent many hours with Lily that week... So I could eat....and go for a few walks....Because eating and walking was necessary after awhile.

These were taken right before we went home.

Mostly she did this....ALL week.

And then she'd do this....only with IV tubes that kept getting tangled.  The IV came out the night before we came home...

And here is the meal that did it!  Toasted cheese sandwich.  If she could keep this baby down, she could leave the hospital!  If she couldn't, it was another night in the brig!

We prayed and wished her the best!

Here goes nothin'!

A little encouragement from "Horton the Elephant" was administered after a couple of bites...

And believe it or not, she ended up eating a WHOLE HALF...and kept it down!

They handed us SEVEN different drugs.....(in the bags)...looks like she really needs them, huh!

...we gathered our balloons....

...and our new family members and took off!

The older kids were SO happy to see Lily HOME! 

They had to examine her themselves...make sure the doctors didn't miss anything those six days...

Lily had a few stories to tell of her own!

Then the next morning....
"Teacher Heidi" (who in real life is a fabulous hairdresser) came and gave Lily a short new cut!  (We had dreadlocks going in back.)

Do you think she likes it?

Lily has loved Teacher Heidi since her first year at "Mom's Day Away."  Thanks Heidi.

There were many cards and gifts the next couple of weeks!

And, unbelievably, I don't have a picture of Lily with Grandma Marsha who came and took care of ME for the week....and played a million games with Lily too.  She was our hero!  Thanks Mom!

There was another trip back to the hospital for a follow-up MRI..

...NOT too sure about all that...but it came out as expected..

And for those of you who keep asking if we still have a dog...
We do.  It wasn't really her fault.  She's a dog.

And she's VERY VERYsorry.