Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Molly and Me

Last week, Katie, Timmy, Lily and Tim and I watched "Marley and Me," the movie out last year about a family and their out of control lab who, after turning their lives upside down, ends up breaking everybody's heart at the end by dying, basically of old age.  (Go figure.)  Anyhow, I have been wanting to rent it for some in a few weeks, to see if my reaction to the movie has changed any since I saw it in the theatres last fall....back when I didn't own a dog....back before I'd even realized that I was about to own a dog.  Because, I have to tell you, and I know by saying this that I am causing some avid born-that-way dog lovers to shake their heads in disbelief, but my reaction in the theatre was completely lacking in canine compassion!  I sat watching the movie for the first time thinking, "Why would anybody WANT that?  Why would they choose to put themselves through that...and like it even?"  When the dog would chew the floor or destroy the blinds, instead of laughing bemusedly like the others around me in the theatre, I felt my blood pressure rise and my stress level go  up, and I honestly found myself wishing the movie were over!  Enough already! are wondering.... 1. Why did the Lindquist's get a dog???...but that's not what this blog post is about.  Sorry.  Another time, perhaps.  Perhaps not.

2.  )How did it go watching "Marley and Me" the SECOND time around?  Was her reaction different now that she OWNS a little pooch?  Has she changed at all?

The answer to number two is...: Nope.  Nada.  Not one iota of difference in my emotional reaction.

OH, I DID GET EMOTIONAL during the movie.  I got emotional at exactly the same point in BOTH viewings of the movie.  It wasn't when the dog dies, or when the little boy (Patrick) stands over the grave or even when Jenny says "Goodbye Clearance Puppy." (you have to see the movie to understand...)

I cried when the mom (Jenny), who is overwhelmed with two babies and the dog,  looks at her husband  and says (my paraphrase), "It's just that I've given up so much of who I was...of what made me me.  I know it was my choice, but sometimes I'm not happy and I know that makes me a bad person to feel that way, but I do."  I cried.  Good stuff.

Oh...but my reaction was nothing compared to Lily's.  As soon as she got a whiff that Marley was getting old, she asked if he was going to die.  I said yes.  She wailed for the last 20 minutes of the movie, then all the way up to bed and was still doing dry sobs 30 minutes later.  She didn't get it from me, I tell ya.

So Molly and Me....don't worry; we are doing alright.  I like her, most of the time.  And since I feed her, she adores me.  I'm ok with that.

Some Great Shots from a Great Friend

Our friends Joe and Lisa came to one of the home games this week.  Joe is a professional photographer and was kind enough to ply his trade on our behalf...even to the point of going and sitting under the basket and taking these amazing shots.  

Note:  you will be seeing these again when I get them in full resolution...these are just the low res. copies, but I couldn't wait to share them with you.  The angles, lighting and focus are NOT easy to I well know!  So, Joe, many thanks for your expertise.  If you want to check out his "real" work, go to

I love my boys.
Thanks for the memories, Joe. 
I wasn't there!
I was at home with a broken toe.
But that's another blog post.
And I feel like I was there....right there under the basket!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's a dirty job...but somebody's gotta do it!
Andrew's the man!

And sometimes.....

(Oh how often I've seen this face..)...the call just doesn't go your way.
No attitude here!

You just have to let it go...
(the two girls in the stands think he's innocent too.  They are on his side; I'm sure of it.)

...and walk away...just walk away.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Lily Moment

The following conversation took place yesterday on the way home from preschool.

Lily:  "MOM!  Something REALLY bad happened today at school!  You won't believe it!"

Me:  "What on earth happened Lily?  Tell me!"

Lily:  "WELL...... Janie (name changed because I don't remember the name) know Janie right Mom?  Well Janie BROKE HER LEG and had to come to school in a wheelchair!  And she couldn't even stay all day!"

Me:  "How did she break it?"

Lily:  "at ice skating lessons!"

Me:  "That's awful.  I hope she's ok."

Lily:  "Yeah...that's awful."  thoughtful pause  "Mom?"  (I knew what was coming.)  "Mom?  I wish that I could broke my leg!  Then I could be in a wheelchair!!!  Mom?  Can I take ice-skating lessons?  Please????"

Postscript:  She also wants her teeth to come out as soon as possible.  Despite these tendencies, she has quite the low pain tolerance.  She's highly sensitive, you know....highly sensitive.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Waiting for the Bus

We snapped this shot of Timmy waiting for the bus one morning.  Funny kid.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three Days in Marissa!

We really enjoyed our brief time in Marissa (my hometown) this past Christmas.  We could only stay for three days, but we packed lots of fun and chaos into that time.  There were 18 people and three? dogs in the house at all times, and more during the day, so there was nary a dull moment, you can be sure. 

Here is a picture of me and my two sisters.  I love them.  We look so calm, peacful and "together in this picture.
But calm is just an illusion.  Take a peek at the next shot taken a couple seconds later....!

That was more like "normal."

...Because we are very, very normal.

Ah....morning ruckus...

Luckily Tim and I slept downstairs.
In a bed.

Usually the women are the gameplayers (between meal preparations, of course), but this year it was the guys.  Just insert my Dad into this picture, because he was the champion card player.

Games games games...notice the constant rain outside.

Meanwhile....the wrestling just went on....and on....and...

Oh we had a medical situation...a minor one to be sure...but let me tell you that splinter was STRAIGHT in!

My sister Alyse was the surgeon, and a comforting hug was needed after the bloody trauma.

We spiffed up on occasion...

....or not...a five mile run got Alyse, Jess, Andrew, Zach and Tim some fresh air...and probably a few curious stares if I know Marissa.

My neice is showing off her.....ok I have no idea what you call them....they are like long leg warmers.  They look cozy.  Maybe I should get a pair....

She likes them!

Every once in awhile, Mom would just come and look at the chaos and shake her head.  I bet she's adding up how many more meals she's going to be cooking to feed all the energetic kids!

These are our favorite matching pj's.  Lands End clearance.

Speaking of meals...this one looks very sugary!  Do you think they know it?

My nephews make me smile.  Always.  Come on!  I dare you to look at his face and NOT smile.  You are probably chuckling.  I know you are.

Wardrobe additions.....Go Nebraska!

Go Waller's Market???
You have to live in Marissa to get this one.

It's a butcher shop.

It sells bacon....

...and steak, cut how you like them...

...cut right in front of you if you like.....

it's an institution....


the shirts....

...for everyone...!!!

On our third and last day in town, if FINALLY quit precipitating!  We had some family pictures taken on the back of my parent's property...and then Tim and I were goofing around.

I think I had had a few too many cookies....and slices of bacon...oh and the pie...

poor Tim.

I'll end with my lovely daughters.  We were SO cold, we couldn't hug tight enough!

Thanks family, for a GREAT time in Marissa.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holiday Fun

Since we were celebrating a week or so early with the Lindquist side of the family this past Christmas, it was good fortune indeed that Lily had received some "Reindeer Food" from preschool.  A sprinkle of this magical mixture was sure to bring Santa and his reindeer in a hurry and a matter if it wasn't precisely the right date! 

Unfortunately, the lovely traditional Swedish meal which we enjoyed before this picture was taken went completely unphotographed.  Next year I will treat you all to how it is done...or how Tim's mom does it...I really can't take any personal credit, but I take a lot of personal enjoyment.  This year, you'll just have to experience the "after meal" part of the celebration. 

"The Sprinkling of the Reindeer Food"

It must be done in formal frocks.
Annika was dubious...but Lily was SOLD OUT!

And look!  It worked!  "Santa" arrived right on cue!

There was a change of wardrobe, courtesy of Nana and Papa.
"Lindquist University"
We always dreamed of them going to college together!

Does it get sweeter?
He doesn't get to go to college.  He has to stay home with me.  I'll "Home College" him.

Uh- Oh...Why the long face???

It seems that, after four years running of this evening's happenings, it suddenly occurred to Lily that if Papa was Santa

Oh the wheels are turning....

There were lots of older family members to make the most of it too....
"Lily, who's Santa?"
She moped for quite some time, but ......

Let's just say she got over it!

We had a lovely evening of laughter, food, fun and.... bonding.....girl style...

...and boy style...
I've NEVER seen the kids wrestle on Nana's couch before....must have been all the cookies....

Postscript....I just now noticed that Lily was wearing a purple polka dot bow all evening....not exactly MATCHING her Christmas dress.  Sigh.  I am not a detail person.