Thursday, August 27, 2009


You've seen her as Cinderella at the Ball, but that's not the only part of the fairy tale!

Upset at having no "moneys" in her Strawberry Shortcake wallet, she decided she wanted to earn some dough just like the big kids. So here she goes!

Method: unorthodox....but effective when you're three feet tall.

Attention to detail is everything! We only pay for quality work around here!

Oh the toil!

Even the legs of the chairs got attention. She's charging a dollar for this job, so I have to make it worth it!

Now for the sweeping. This is an additional charge. Notice the payment already wadded in her grubby little grip!

Wait! What's that? I think the imagination has overtaken the capitalistic drive!

"Whoaaaa horsey. That there's the LAW!"

She makes a quick retreat! Does she think she's getting another dollar? I think not.

Oh no! "Lily, did you hurt yourself cleaning??? I am so sorry. I hate when that happens, sweetie. Let me see it....I'll help you with the bandaid...."

"Whatever MOM! Bandaid? Ha!"

The only first aid here is for low blood sugar! A Reeses Peanutbuttercup ALWAYS makes the cleaning worthwhile. That's my girl!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Cat

My Cat Smiles....don't believe me? Look:

He smiles.....

He has a lovely smile.

....especially when he's being snuggled by Lily!

or Katie
or the mailman
or door to door salespeople...

Except when he's being strangled...then he just endures.

And enduring is a good quality too.

Big Celebrations

I will say this about Minnesotans--they do the Fourth of July BIG!!!
It's not just an evening of sparklers after's a WHOLE WEEK of partying BIG!!!

For our family this year, the celebration included:

Big Steps with Big Friends...Lily rode the ponies without sobbing this year, due in large part to the fact that she was joined with dear friends Cora, Lily and Eva, as well as cousin Annika. Peer support, you know.

...Big facepaints!....

Big Facepaints by her own Big Sister!....

...Big Surprise at the fact that even Nana got her face painted!...

Big Group skiing....I think that's Papa second to the right!...

...Big Spray....

...Big Bows...."thank you very much..."

...Big Picnic with family and neighbors....

"Big Guns....careful with that knife, Gus!....

....Big Bows......why not???

Big Bites!!!.....Annika LOVES her mom's potato salad like nobody's business....

Big Squinty Smiles, because it really is a great day....

and Big Hugs from Big Hatted cousins who make any day great.
(In case you were wondering, we did do fireworks....they were big too, but I didn't take any pictures....
too busy swatting the BIG MOSQUITOS!)

A Tete-a-Tete

Maybe I'll republish this later with funny captions, but for now, just enjoy imagining WHAT they could have been saying.....

Whatever it was, you can be sure the drama factor was high!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jet Ski Ballet by Tim :)

"Twas a cold cloudy day on Lake Alex...

...but excitement was high! Why?

Because we were about to get to watch people wipe out on the jet ski!
Nothing is more invigorating than watching loved ones cheat death!

She regards the machine. Mike instructs.

Her last thoughts? "I can't believe I'm about to do this!"

But off she goes......

....a rough start....or two....

...and it's off into the wild blue yonder!

Standing up is the she goes.... knee up and......

SUCCESS!!!! Alyse is a great sport. Seriously. It was cold.
But she loved it!

And now Mike, jet skiier extraordinaire...showing us how it's done:

First you rotate on your belly....

...and then just wander around the lake backwards....until you hit something I guess!

We think you're crazy, Mike....entertaining...but crazy!

"Let's see you beat that, Tim!"

"Don't do it Tim! It's cold out there!
Remember your lake allergies!

"Say 'no'?" "NEVER"
What follows is Tim asserting his dominance,
defending his honor...proving his ability to do whatever Mike can do!

First the takeoff!

All's well so far....lookin' good!

Now the approach....because whatever happens, it must happen
close to the dock so as to be admired by all....

...Initiating rotation....and gasping for air....

...the PIROUETTE!!!!!....this is the trickiest part!...

.....Rotation completed....NOW GOING BACKWARDS!!!"

Now for the "one up"......I am reminded of the Cavalier in "The Nutcracker"...
except for the swimming trunks...they are all wrong....
...but it's a beautiful move nonetheless!

But it was grand...lots of spray and a nice longwhile before we knew if he was alive!
Way to go Tim!
Thanks Mike!
Great job Alyse...hope you've finally warmed up!
ONE MORE THING: notice how Tim's mouth was open through the whole thing!
Was he screaming....gasping...singing???? We'll probably never know.