Thursday, November 11, 2010


Life in the modern world can get complicated fast. I already bored you all with my broken furnace last week.  So I won't drone on about the broken dishwasher AND garbage disposal and the running toilet.  But I will tell you about something which has made the last few days complicated and stressful.  I LOST MY CELL PHONE.....not no no....but TWICE.  I lost it for two days, found it for about 5 hours and then lost it AGAIN, and alas have never found it although I have turned the house upside down.  And believe me, going through my household is a daunting task.

I can't believe how dependent I am on constant communications.  Because of one missing little 4 x 2 inch box of plastic and wires, we have missed dentist appointments, shown up to practices with no shoes, weathered social calamities that are so complicated I still don't understand them and run out of milk twice....and all because I wasn't available at a moment's notice for three days!

In case  you are wondering how I managed to lose it so readily, twice in the same day....I was cleaning the house.  And when I clean the house, I walk around for hours putting random things away in far off places where I normally fear to tread!  So I am sure that my poor old cell phone is lying dead as a doornail in some basket of yarn or the back of the freezer or under a tupper ware lid.  NOoooooo....just testing you.....I didn't clean out the TUPPERWARE CABINET....that's 20,398th on my household to do list!  And it's probably by some twist of fate or a rent in the fabric of time, exactly where my phone is.

I'll let you know!

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