Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tight Ends #1!

We had a short visit over the Christmas holiday
with my sweet Grandpa Louie.

We spent a couple of hours in his living room
listening to him reminisce.

It was precious, precious time.

I learn something new each time we do this, and this time I learned that 
these two...the ones pictured below, have a couple of things in common.
Yes, yes they do.

They both have hearts of gold with just enough spunk
woven in to make life interesting,

They both played "tight end" in football!!!

(For some reason that name makes me laugh....
when I hear it I think of tight wads and rear ends...ah but I digress....)

Yes, you heard it here first!

Grandpa, it appears, "walked on" the college football team and played tight end,
the same position Zach plays now!

"Tight Ends are #1!"

So there you have it folks...
the family tight ends.

(I have a cousin who played in high school...maybe he was a tight end too... I'll have to let ya know.)

Go team!

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