Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She Said It.

(I have cell phone pictures of this event, but I can't figure out how to upload them to the internet. Need help.)

Yesterday was a great day. It RAINED...POURED...MONSOONED. It was lovely...Oh! Did I mention that Timmy had a SOCCER game? OUTSIDE?

NO PROBLEM! I aimed the back of the suburban at the soccer field, lifted the hatch, put down the seats and Lily and I had a LOVELY picnic (hot cocoa and snacks) as we watched Timmy and 9 other hooligans have a mud bath...oh I mean soccer game in the drenching rain.

SUDDENLY...third quarter...after Timmy's first goal but BEFORE his SECOND goal (which by the way was a header into the net!!!!ie...VERY happy boy)....up pulls this car and parks about 20 ft. away from us DIRECTLY in front of our little box seats. The man could have pulled into the space beside me....or gone a tiny bit further on and been past the fields, BUT NO...he parked his car directly between me and my son's soccer game. ??????

"No problem," I thought. "I can handle this." I decided to look really amazingly hard at him so he'd feel the burning of my eyeballs in the side of his head and realize his mistake and MOVE! MY plan was good, but Lily's was BETTER.

(before I knew what was happening), she yelled:


(...and before I could get my hot drink put down and my hand over her LOUD mouth) she yelled AGAIN, at the top of her lungs:


I practically body tackled her, but I was laughing so hard that I don't think it was too effective. Sorry, Little Man, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't.

But then two interesting things happened:
1. Little Man didn't flinch. He had to have heard her, but he didn't look up.
2. He walked right in front of us to the back of his car, (this is 8:30 PM mind the pouring rain), tied his golf shoes up tight, went to his trunk and pulled out a fully loaded golf bag and walked up the hill. And he LEFT his dumb car right in our way!

Me: "Lily, in general, men don't like to be called 'Little Man.' It makes them feel...crabby. Don't ever call a man that.....if you were a boy and you called a man that, you might get beat up."

We watched him climb the hill.

Then Lily (at the top of her voice, of course): "Hey HUMAN, YOU BLOCKED OUR VIEW!"

Thata girl. Way to listen to your mama.

If anyone can help me the online album from my verizon phone, I'd be so grateful. I was able to send them, but how do I access them online?


Dyer Importance... said...

I love it!! You know Lily will always stand up for herself!

Chris said...

Isn't that SO sad, that a person can be so oblivious to the care of other people, that they not only don't observe anothers needs but then ignore them all together! Let's think the best of him, he was deaf...and blind...poor fellow.

Unknown said...

Oh the things kids say. Waiting for my time where one of the kids says something very embarrassing to a total stranger. But I love that Lily has such confidence too.