Monday, October 12, 2009

A Hot Day

In defiance of THIS...
In blatant disacknowledgement of THIS...

In outright protest of doing THIS on October 12 (today).....

I am posting a story that happened just a LITTLE OVER A MONTH AGO!
It was a hot day.
It was a beautifully hot day.
It was a beautifully hot day to sit outside and watch football!
Go Wheaton!

The sun blazed! Feel the heat!

We were packed in the stands to cheer Wheaton on against Bethel. Have I mentioned that it was HOT?!

Only little white fluffy things in the shade...

Here was my view. Are you all aware that I'm claustrophobic? ...that I hate hot tight places? Like grounded airplanes in August? Like the back of the suburban on long trips in the winter? Like packed bleachers in the hot sun next to a fence? Just look at that little patch of shade. I did! ...over and over and over.....I fantasized about climbing over the fence and down to that sweet coolness...

When I got tired of looking at the patch of shade below me, I'd look at the clear blue sky above....and clutch the fence and wonder what I'd do if there was a fire.

It may not make sense, but it felt like a real possibility.

It certainly didn't make me feel any cooler to look at Lily!

Still Tim smiled. He really loves Wheaton. Looking at the two of them, I knew if she sat on my lap I would faint.

Then she did this! I think I did faint.

Wait! What's that! Could it be? Yes it was!.....the little white cloud turned into a little grey cloud. It saved me! This cloud honestly saved me from a panic attack and possible death from heat. It was from God.

It saved my poor nephew too...that and the pom pom on his head...

We lasted in the stands until halftime, and then....

I ran over about ten senior citizens to get down the stairs and to the shade. I was ruthless. It was the survival instinct. Wheaton survived too, winning the game in the last two seconds with a twenty yard pass into the endzone...and I was right down by the endzone to see it...because (of the shade) I love football.

Go Wheaton.

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