Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zach Gets Personal

Last week I had all of my blog posts from 2008 printed out into a book, kind of like a photo album, although the pictures weren't very good quality, so that we would have a record in hand of all the happenings that I had had time to write about. Which, make no mistake, are not ALL of the dramas that go on around here...just a little sampling. Anyway, as you can probably guess, it was quite apparent that Lily and Timmy are WAY overrepresented in this forum. There were some complaints about this...namely from one Zachary Todd Lindquist. And I do share his wish that blogging had existed when he was little, because wouldn't that be fun? (So go to it all you young parents!)

I explained that there were TWO factors playing into the rarity of blog posts about him:

1. He isn't a ham and, unlike OTHERS in the family, is generally unwilling to allow himself to be photographed in dorky or embarrassing situations.

2. He and Andrew have given me strict instructions upon pain of deletion (of my blog not me) NOT to write anything remotely personal...

...which raises the question of what "remotely personal" really means....

So in order to get a better family balance, I am dedicating this post to Zachary. (Andrew's turn comes next.)
In this post, you will find nothing personal.

We will now begin with the story of Zach's labor, delivery and circumcision!!!
JUST KIDDING! Just kidding Zach...just kidding...
Here we go.:

This is Zach.

He's kind of a jock. He does most things well, but he's especially good at athletic things....except gymnastics....but we'll save that story for another day...a day when we can be personal.

He is big and jumps high. I personally (this is ME being personal) would be scared to be on defense when he is coming down the court with the ball. Sometimes I get scared just sitting in the stands....like when he makes that one face....whoops better stop there......

Zach works hard and is quite strong.
(How am I doing? Good so far?...)

This is Zach's idea of the perfect moment....flying through the air about to land on Timmy.
Zach is often seen in pictures in a state of action. He rarely poses. As I mentioned, he is not a ham like...

...Timmy. Now Timmy is a poser. He's great at it.

BUT....but but but.....ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, Zachary will get in a posing sort of mood....
and then....

.....there's no stopping him..... (especially when cute girls are around)

He'll pose.......

and pose..... (nice marshmallow)

...and pose..... AND EVEN......

There must have been something in the marshmallows that night. Can there be "something" in marshmallows? Because it looks like everybody had some.

But most of the time, our Zachary is like this:

....steady, helpful and strong and caring. And that's the way God made him.

Love you Zach!
And that's personal!


Kirstin said...

Annika was especially excited to see this post because she is marrying Zach someday. He IS her prince charming! Add that to the list....

Jessica said...

What a great post! What site did you use to print your blog? I would love to see the book as I am preparing to do the same thing. Bring it to church or something. I enjoyed getting to know Zach.