Monday, January 25, 2010



Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Suzanne, and you have probably met me before, but it's been so long that I can't imagine you'd remember me.  I used to blog....for therapy...and amusement....but now I just clean up puppy messes.

HOW IS EVERYONE???  I have been neither blog writing nor blog reading, and I feel completely out of touch!  The problem, you see...well there are several....but ONE of the reasons blogging and puppy training don't mix for me is that the puppy is downstairs and the computer is upstairs.  Another reason I've been AWOL on the computer is that I am engrossed right now in an intensive study of the book of Revelation and am finding myself spending more and more of my oh so abundant free time searching out some AMAZING well...REVELATIONS...about Jesus Christ.  Time well spent, let me tell you!  The third reason I haven't been around is that it's January...and January is the month with no excuses.  If you don't have  your life in order by mid-January, you are plum (plumb?) out of any sort of acceptable reason why...SO...I've been trying and failing miserably to get my life in order! 

So back to blogging!


Katie "wowwed" us all with her skills as a comedienne in the Liberty 8th grade production of "After Hours."  She hit every line perfectly and her comedic timing was terrific.  Here she is in her role as a mannequin who comes to life..."after hours."

It was a great role for her.  Who knew she could stand still for so long?

Meanwhile...there's Molly.  I realize that Timmy doesn't have quite the joy on his face in this picture that he had when he first got the puppy, but I assure you, he loves her dearly...

She just has a little problem....

...with biting.  Any advice is welcome.

All in all, she's doing great.  Well,...pretty good.  You know...I think we're making progress....

.Oh....and we had a baby!!!!

...just for four beautiful days.....she was (and still is, I am sure) the sweetest, smiliest little bundle.  We all loved her to pieces...

I mean everybody got in on the fun....

...except Molly.  She didn't think too much of the competition!  Don't let the hang dog face fool you....she got her revenge.  More on that tomorrow!


Dana said...

Glad you're back :)

Dan and Tara said...

Yea! You've returned! I've missed you so!
That picture of Timmy and Molly - are you sure she's real? She looks too perfect. Like a stuffed animal. I bet some days you wish she WAS a stuffed animal.
Praying for all you've got going on,

Chris said...

Dear Suzanne,
1.) Love it that you are back.
2.) That is a look of contentment on Timmy's face.
3.) I really enjoy seeing a teenaged boy feeding a baby.
4.) I am willing to give up my pleasure of reading your blog, for God's pleasure of your quiet time.
That is all.