Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Molly in a Mood

Who knew that dogs can get "in a mood."  Molly has many moods.  I snapped these pictures one afternoon when we were babysitting a friend's baby.  Molly definitely noticed that she wasn't the center of attention anymore.  It wasn't long after I took these fact it was WHILE I was down on the floor taking these pictures, that I noticed a strong unpleasant smell on the carpets.  It seems she she had been expressing her distress silently and....well....damply for a few days.  We had to have several carpets cleaned and she is now kept away from carpets.  But these sweet pictures were before that revelation.

"Hmmmm...she's playing with that baby again....all that kissin' and lovin'"

"I remember when I was the one who was the center of the it was yesterday....."

"Well....we'll just see how they feel when they realize I have been leaving my mark on all the carpets...this is my house ...."

"...and I just don't think it's fair for some baby to come in here and take over my turf..."

"Stinkin' baby"

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