Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holiday Fun

Since we were celebrating a week or so early with the Lindquist side of the family this past Christmas, it was good fortune indeed that Lily had received some "Reindeer Food" from preschool.  A sprinkle of this magical mixture was sure to bring Santa and his reindeer in a hurry and a matter if it wasn't precisely the right date! 

Unfortunately, the lovely traditional Swedish meal which we enjoyed before this picture was taken went completely unphotographed.  Next year I will treat you all to how it is done...or how Tim's mom does it...I really can't take any personal credit, but I take a lot of personal enjoyment.  This year, you'll just have to experience the "after meal" part of the celebration. 

"The Sprinkling of the Reindeer Food"

It must be done in formal frocks.
Annika was dubious...but Lily was SOLD OUT!

And look!  It worked!  "Santa" arrived right on cue!

There was a change of wardrobe, courtesy of Nana and Papa.
"Lindquist University"
We always dreamed of them going to college together!

Does it get sweeter?
He doesn't get to go to college.  He has to stay home with me.  I'll "Home College" him.

Uh- Oh...Why the long face???

It seems that, after four years running of this evening's happenings, it suddenly occurred to Lily that if Papa was Santa

Oh the wheels are turning....

There were lots of older family members to make the most of it too....
"Lily, who's Santa?"
She moped for quite some time, but ......

Let's just say she got over it!

We had a lovely evening of laughter, food, fun and.... bonding.....girl style...

...and boy style...
I've NEVER seen the kids wrestle on Nana's couch before....must have been all the cookies....

Postscript....I just now noticed that Lily was wearing a purple polka dot bow all evening....not exactly MATCHING her Christmas dress.  Sigh.  I am not a detail person.


Bren said...

Where are pictures of your strange but tall hubby? Does he take all the pictures? Thanks for sharing your family fun!

Chris said...

Suzanne...Santa needs to wear his mustache under his nose...I wasn't going to say anything but then you mentioned the purple bow and I thought, oh...she's not a detail person, maybe she didn't notice the Santa identity give away!
Where were the other cousins?

Suzanne said...

Ahem...yes Chris. We are aware of the Santa wardrobe malfunction. It occurs every year. None of the kids have ever mentioned it, though. The other cousins were all there, but the other pictures I took of Santa and the whole group were inappropriate to post because Zach was in the back row giving everyone wedgies. Bren...he was there. He did take a lot of the pics.