Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Lily Moment

The following conversation took place yesterday on the way home from preschool.

Lily:  "MOM!  Something REALLY bad happened today at school!  You won't believe it!"

Me:  "What on earth happened Lily?  Tell me!"

Lily:  "WELL...... Janie (name changed because I don't remember the name) know Janie right Mom?  Well Janie BROKE HER LEG and had to come to school in a wheelchair!  And she couldn't even stay all day!"

Me:  "How did she break it?"

Lily:  "at ice skating lessons!"

Me:  "That's awful.  I hope she's ok."

Lily:  "Yeah...that's awful."  thoughtful pause  "Mom?"  (I knew what was coming.)  "Mom?  I wish that I could broke my leg!  Then I could be in a wheelchair!!!  Mom?  Can I take ice-skating lessons?  Please????"

Postscript:  She also wants her teeth to come out as soon as possible.  Despite these tendencies, she has quite the low pain tolerance.  She's highly sensitive, you know....highly sensitive.

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