Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three Days in Marissa!

We really enjoyed our brief time in Marissa (my hometown) this past Christmas.  We could only stay for three days, but we packed lots of fun and chaos into that time.  There were 18 people and three? dogs in the house at all times, and more during the day, so there was nary a dull moment, you can be sure. 

Here is a picture of me and my two sisters.  I love them.  We look so calm, peacful and "together in this picture.
But calm is just an illusion.  Take a peek at the next shot taken a couple seconds later....!

That was more like "normal."

...Because we are very, very normal.

Ah....morning ruckus...

Luckily Tim and I slept downstairs.
In a bed.

Usually the women are the gameplayers (between meal preparations, of course), but this year it was the guys.  Just insert my Dad into this picture, because he was the champion card player.

Games games games...notice the constant rain outside.

Meanwhile....the wrestling just went on....and on....and...

Oh we had a medical situation...a minor one to be sure...but let me tell you that splinter was STRAIGHT in!

My sister Alyse was the surgeon, and a comforting hug was needed after the bloody trauma.

We spiffed up on occasion...

....or not...a five mile run got Alyse, Jess, Andrew, Zach and Tim some fresh air...and probably a few curious stares if I know Marissa.

My neice is showing off her.....ok I have no idea what you call them....they are like long leg warmers.  They look cozy.  Maybe I should get a pair....

She likes them!

Every once in awhile, Mom would just come and look at the chaos and shake her head.  I bet she's adding up how many more meals she's going to be cooking to feed all the energetic kids!

These are our favorite matching pj's.  Lands End clearance.

Speaking of meals...this one looks very sugary!  Do you think they know it?

My nephews make me smile.  Always.  Come on!  I dare you to look at his face and NOT smile.  You are probably chuckling.  I know you are.

Wardrobe additions.....Go Nebraska!

Go Waller's Market???
You have to live in Marissa to get this one.

It's a butcher shop.

It sells bacon....

...and steak, cut how you like them...

...cut right in front of you if you like.....

it's an institution....


the shirts....

...for everyone...!!!

On our third and last day in town, if FINALLY quit precipitating!  We had some family pictures taken on the back of my parent's property...and then Tim and I were goofing around.

I think I had had a few too many cookies....and slices of bacon...oh and the pie...

poor Tim.

I'll end with my lovely daughters.  We were SO cold, we couldn't hug tight enough!

Thanks family, for a GREAT time in Marissa.

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Chris said...

Suzanne, each of you sisters has a different look. All beautiful, but different. They have straight hair and your daughters all got your beautiful curly hair! Love the blog.