Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lily Graduates

"The Sober Moment of Reflection on the Future Picture"
(Which would be Kindergarten...)
 Hum the music: Dum dum da Dum Dum Dum

"The Found My Parents in the Crowd Picture"
 In case you are wondering, the name of her preschool was Lake Area Discovery Center Preschool (whew!)
If the kids can pronounce the whole name...they are automatically graduated!

"The Diploma Pose Picture"

"The Special Friend Picture"

"The Teacher Hug Picture"....
(NO..that's not me.)
You might think it was by the way Lily is grabbing her arm in such a desperate hug.
She usually reserves those for me!
But no, sadly, I didn't get a huge makeover, lose 15 pounds and reverse my age appearance by 15 years.
Although I have been using Oil of Olay lately, and I think it's helping....
Anyway, Miss Emily was amazing.
Still is...probably.

 And last but not least..."The Girlfriends Graduating Picture"
(p.s...Lily is making the peace sign.  Lily has absolutely NO IDEA what holding up two fingers means.  Peer pressure.  Now the girl in the pink flouncy dress next to Lily...she looks like she might know!)

I am not sure the world is ready.

World...are you ready?

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Anonymous said...

Love the last photo!

Now I am jealous I didn't get to graduate from pre-school. I didn't even get to attend pre-school.