Sunday, October 24, 2010

Footballs for Brains

Here, my friends, is why I have no time to blog.
I'm too busy having a ball dressing up and pretending to be a football Mom.
Well, technically I AM a football Mom.
Thanks to number 21, who let me wear his jersey ONE game....and number 85 who never comes over for pictures because he's too busy gabbing with his friends!
I felt extremely "cool."
Those are shadows not crows feet.
Just saying.

Here's the one focused action shot I have so far this season!
This is Andrew.
He plays Safety for the varsity defense.

This, number 85 in front, is Zach who plays an assortment of positions, mostly Fullback, for the varsity offense!
Been an exciting year!
Till now.
Due to cracked ribs (Andrew) and appendicitus/surgery (Zach), neither boy played football last week.
We survived. play another day...

"Go Zephyrs"
(The Zephyr is our mascot and is a Roman diety or soldier or something like that...because Mahtomedi is oh so similar to Rome...???  It's also a wind.) 
I am doomed, it seems to peculiar mascots.  In jr. high we were the "Comets" and in high school we were the "Meteors."  No "Tigers" or "Panthers" or "Wildcats" for me!

Just rocks from space and obscure pagan entities.

No Matter!

Because the REAL fun of football is this:

I love just watching them go!

He's little....but mighty....and sneaky...and very quick!

Andrew was a little sore from the game the night before, so he sat this one out...

....sorta sat it out...
in a flipping upside down sorta way.

Rose colored glasses for a happy little cheerleader!

Oh....sorry....back to the GAME!

This play will end in pain.

He's mapping out his future appendectomy scar; he just doesn't know it.
I've often wanted to join the huddle and make random marks over my gut and then yell "break!" and just see what happens....what sort of play turns up!
Admit that would be fun!

Into it.

I told you he was sneaky!

Then I got bored and decided to take some shots of the bench warmers....

...Go Team!

Go me~!
I thought this was a great shot!
Go Swedes!

Enjoy the football season, everyone!
What?  The Vikings are playing and why am I up here on the computer blogging?
Please!  I didn't get a personality transplant or anything.


Chris said...

Hey... I'm smiling away looking at the photos of sneaky Timmy, into it Tim, cheerleader Lilly, Swing flipping Andrew and football passing Zach...I get to Katie...when did THAT happen, huh? Beautiful model-like teenager? Good grief Suzanne...

Dana said...

I prefer blogging to the Vikings too :) What a cute "football mom" you are!