Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stories of Sanibel: A Conch in the Head

 The plane landed!
We had one night in Fort Myers before heading out to Sanibel Island the next morning.
The scene was set for adventure.
The balmy air of Florida went straight to our heads, and we immediately lost all sense of time and space as we admired the greenery and the lovely warm flowery smells.
Yes, more than one of us hugged the palm trees on the way to the rental cars.
It's tough living through a Minnesota winter!
My senses were so scrambled it took all I could do to find our hotel for that night...but a couple of u-turns and way longer than it should have taken later, we were settled in our hotel.
Then...the big question...what to have for DINNER?

Let's just say we found a place nearby with a lot of local color.
Right off the bat, we ordered...
 Conch Fritters....
You know...conchs...the slimy, snail-like creatures who live in those beautiful orange seashells...
...only fritterized....
because seriously....who would eat them otherwise?
We'd eat shoe leather if it was fried....
Of course....with the Conch Fritter experience being a new one....we made the littlest amongst us go first!
Disk error.....

 Timmy, however, seized the day undeterred!
Fritters beware!

 Katie approved as well!

 Lily:  "Note to self...just stick to the noodles....just stick to the noodles....just stick to the noodles.."

 Timmy was wooed and wowed by the crab stuffed flounder!
I told him when he ordered it that he wouldn't like the stuffing...it would be all breadcrumbs and the crab flavor would taste funny and not at all like crab...
Hey!  I'm a Mom...it's my job!
But I guess I've eaten at Long John Silvers a few too many times because wouldn't you know it...the flounder was done to perfection and STUFFED with fresh delicious crab meat...nary a breadcrumb!
I hate it when I'm wrong.
Thumbs up from Timmy though.

 No....we don't allow any technology on vacation.  It's a principle of mine....one that NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO!  There will be more on that in future posts....LOTS more....

 The next morning, after receiving the news at 9:00 pm the night before that Andrew and Zach had lost their basketball game and were heading south, we gathered for a hotel breakfast that included....one of the joys of hotel living....
 ....a MILK machine!  (There was a waffle maker too!)  Ah....the good life!

 Then, we took our pale, sun-deprived selves through the hotel lobby and out ...out....out into...
SUNSHINE!  The REAL kind!  The kind you can FEEL to your bones!

I will leave you with this image:
"Minnesota Boy Makes Good in Florida"

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