Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden and True

It's the end of June!
I have a great deal of catching up to do.

Let's see...what do you need to know?

I got a Keurig coffee maker.

I now drink ten cups of coffee a day, and for awhile my favorite flavor was "Mountain Blueberry," but as of today, it has relinquished the throne to "Sweet Summer Raspberry!"
This is big news.

Two of my kids are in New Orleans sharing God's incredible love with youth in the inner city there.

I just now realized that the background color of my blog is the same color as my walls!  What does it all mean?

We had a GREAT week hanging out with my sister and her husband, Sarah and Darrin,... at home and at the cabin.

And my golden retriever...her name is Molly...has been shedding.

Now I know you know this, but I am NOT really a "dog person."  I prefer cats every day of the week plus Tuesdays, BUT I will say this...some things Molly has been doing lately have cracked me up!

The following is one example:

Here I am getting ready to go up to the cabin to join Sarah and Darrin, and the cooler....

 was being guarded by a noble, golden soul.

 Molly:  "Don't worry Fair Mistress (I refuse to be mom to a dog), I shall guard the cooler!"


Why you may wonder?  
Why would she care about guarding a white, coffin-like box???
Oh....she had her reasons!!!

 And here they all are!
That right there is a lot of good cabin eating!

Molly was destined to eat none of it....
...a fact she well knew...
...because I told her so right from the start!
The question was...
did I trust her to guard it unsupervised?

 Look at her eyes....Would you trust this face???

I wasn't too sure...
I kept sticking my head back out as I gathered more items.

 She was insulted by my suspicions!

Would she stay true?

Yes!  She was golden!  True hearted!
I'm not sure if this look had more to do with me or the meat, but it's one of my favorite shots of this dog.
It was a bonding moment for both of us, I think.

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Todd and Kirstin said...

Who are you kidding, Suz? You ARE a dog person. This blog just proves it! :)