Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gotta Love Family!

We had a week to remember with two of our favorite people in the world!

My brother in law makes every occasion fun!
He's Scandinavian too...which means he fits right in with the Lindquist mentality!
...the Viking mindset of competitiveness and drive.

He understands us!

And my sister (pictured here) and I understand each other too.
(Like I understand the fact that in this photo she is hating that I am taking her picture because it's awkward, and I understand that when she reads this blog she won't like that I put this picture on there...but she'll also know that I think she looks cute and I'm proud of her and that's why I did...and I'm proud of the fried chicken too and want to show it off...You can't hide ANYTHING from your sister!)

But Sarah and I, we are not Vikings.
Well, maybe only a tiny bit....we both married ones, though...

I love it how the minute she walks through the door, I've got somebody there who not only knows what I'm thinking, but she knows WHY I am thinking it!

I love having sisters!

 And here's the funny thing....
she understands my daughters too...
 ...because truth be told...
...there's no trick in the book that Lily might pull,
that hasn't already been pulled... my sister and me already.
It's like we've seen it all before... 
In fact a case could be made that if you squashed all three of us (myself and my two sisters) into one body, you'd get...
LILY! explanation!

On another note, thank you S and D for introducing us to this AMAZING dessert from "The Landing" on Lake Alexander!  Darrin had to hang out at the bar while getting it to go with two senior citizen gals who offered to buy him drinks and invited him to the Crawfish Boil, but he didn't seem to mind.  We took the cake(s) home...

...and devoured them!

 I HIGHLY recommend!


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