Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tucked In

We here in Minnesota, despite the forest fires devouring the boundary waters up north, are supposed to get a freeze tonight.  It is THREE PRECIOUS WEEKS earlier than usual!  We just started getting zucchinis on a regular basis, and the tomatoes have never looked better due to the 80's plus temperatures we've been enjoying.  SOOOOOOO, Katie, Lily and I just spent the last hour dragging every linen we own out of closets, basement, and even off of Zach's bed- those needed washing anyway... to cover our vegetable and flower gardens.

Four points struck me as we scurried in the twilight to get everything tucked in.

1.  This is a great way to reorganize and straighten a linen closet. (Which needed cleaning as much as Zach's sheets.)

2.  I am amazed and embarrassed by how many old sheets and blankets I have managed to collect.  I could be on my way to hoarding status (fascinated by that tv show!).  And this is after I took all my "seconds" up to the cabin and filled the closet up there!  Yikes.  Could my husband be right?  Do I really need all these? WELL....OBVIOUSLY YES!  LOOK AT ME NOW!  IN FACT I COULD USE ABOUT 10 MORE!!!

3.  My entire linen and blanket supply, including ones I currently use,  is/are now strewn across my yard, and if anybody would like to stroll the neighborhood and help themselves, there's not much to stop them!  Will I be able to sleep tonight?  Well one thing I know, I'll definitely be sleeping with the windows OPEN to listen for linen thieves, freezing breeze or no!

4.  Referring back to point number three...sleeping with the windows open and the cold breeze pouring in will be problematic... since all my blankets are OUTSIDE!

It's the conundrums of life that entertain me.
My husband may not find this so entertaining, though.

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