Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soon To Be Armed and Dangerous

Men in the Middle Ages carried swords, and they knew how to use them  In the 19th century few went anywhere without a pistol or a rifle.  In World War Two people planted Victory Gardens and used food ration cards.  In the 50's and 60's, cars, except in Amish communities, completely replaced the horse and buggy, and pretty much everyone got driver's licenses by the 1970's.

These were all signs of the times.

None of these things were really optional in the general environment and culture in which they existed.

Now.... it's wireless signals that run our lives....

And after limping along, resisting all the way in the computer world, I am announcing that we are jumping in.  We definitely can't beat them, so we are joining them...for better or for worse.

Hopefully by the end of this week, I will once again have a computer that I can blog with, and blog with easily.  And I will have two laptops at my disposal.  And they will all be wirelessly connected so that I can access any of them any time, print wirelessly, pay bills wirelessly, play music wirelessly (ok that one might take some more time, but it's possible), access documents wirelessly, keep a wireless calendar.

Right now I am sitting in the Apple Store (interesting that they call themselves "Apple"....but that's another post...think Genesis...) waiting for "Lion" to download and anxious to get this whole new system up and running.  You wouldn't believe what they can teach you here!  Not that you don't pay for it, but still!

So all that to say that soon the Lindquist's will be "State of the Art," "In the Groove," "Wired!"  Yea baby. Can't wait!  More coming soon!

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