Saturday, October 15, 2011

Football Ups...Cause There've Been Enough Downs (No Punt Intended)

Here's a Star Tribune link about Andrew and Zach and the Zephyrs Football Team and a Kare 11 News segment about the game last night .

The thing that astonishes me are his arm muscles.

Where do those come from?

Star Tribune Article

Kare 11 News Video: Andrew is second one interviewed.

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gianna said...

We had the news on as I was going to sleep last night and I heard "Andrew Lindquist," and I thought, I wonder (you know as I am half falling asleep) and THEN I heard "Zach Lindquist," and I rolled over immediately to try to see the screen, but alas, my glasses weren't on and I saw a blurry football player jump up, I think. I'm pretty sure I "saw" Zach catch the ball. yea! I was so excited!