Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Summer Times

I don't know about you, but with the onset of the Fall calendar and weather here in Minnesota, I always grow nostalgic for the easy relaxed days of summer warmth and flexible schedules.

The following pictures were taken at the cabin during a lovely weekend in late July.  July is the best month. There's still plenty of summer left, so you don't have the looming stress of "the last swim" or "bringing in the dock." 
We spent it with friends who live far away, so that makes it even sweeter to remember.

Here is Tim receiving fishing gear advice from Timmy's friend.
This kid knew his stuff.
He said he had acquired his fishing knowledge from his mother.
That cracked me up.
My kids have received NO fishing instruction from their mother.

Here's our lovely friend Amanda,

with her crazy funny husband Mike...and our dog.
You may remember Molly.
Timmy built this ramp just for her because he was tired of hauling her up on the dock by the scruff.
And he didn't mind using himself either.
They now sleep in the same bed.
I've lost the battle.

But I don't mind.
Ok Ok...we all used the ramp.

Well not all of us.

Take me back.
Take me back to summer relaxation.
Notice the crutches and the (relatively) short hair.
How things change.

No online college application headaches here.
No online classes.
No online!

Breathe in.  
Breathe out.


This isn't the best shot as far as facial expressions go.
But I like it because it's a moment in time, a true snapshot.
And it has balance.
And you can see how much my daughter looks like my husband.
Except that she fishes with her legs crossed.
Go Katie!

Go Lily.

Go Zach and Nuni!
Fishing off the jet ski?
Well...that fish is another story for another day....
Mike and Amanda headed back to the Twin Cities at midnight!
But before they went, we cooked peach cobbler over the campfire.

You put two cans of peaches and a yellow cake mix (and butter) in a dutch oven.
Cook in the coals for 45.
Pull the lid off with a garden tool and....

THIS was my best one ever, if I do say so myself.

Nothing says summertime like peach cobbler cooked over a campfire...
bubbly sweet caramelized goodness.

I want some!

How about some FALL apple cobbler???

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