Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blue's His Color

Thought about it....

Talked about it....

Prayed about it...
(OK...this was just a picture where his eyes 
happened to be closed...but we
 HAVE prayed about it!
  A LOT!)

Zach decided to commit to playing football for the Air Force Academy.
His acceptance is, of course, contingent on getting the nomination,
but we are excited for his decision and trusting God to see what happens.

He enjoyed the support of his coaches, teams (football and basketball), TEACHERS (special shout out to Mrs. Eldredge and Mrs. Breening) and admins...

and sibling support is never to be underestimated either!
Timmy (blue hat on the right)
 is just checking over the paperwork to make sure
 everything is in proper order,
 as a good manager should.
It was, after all, Timmy's YouTube
 account that started everything.
I think I may have been watching a little
 too much "Downton Abbey."
Kindly excuse my formal diction, if you please.

He's a good boy.

He'll do fine.

Blue is a great color on him.

And I don't look too bad in houndstooth either...
but I digress....
.....and to digress further, I  haven't gotten a facelife or lost weight.
I'm just using Zach's arm to hide my jowls.
Done digressing now....

Go Zachary!
We love you.

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