Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School Days

Welcome to a snapshot of our lives 
over Christmas Break.
Notice the laundry that adorns the couch 
and the relative lack of Christmas decor.
I was sick over Christmas and barely survived.
Because I was sick, the poor kids had to take care of themselves.

Here's what happened.


Notice the bright red "School Set" and the girl in the braids.
(She's the teacher)
The ones on the couches are the ruffians.

were her class.
It was remedial.

But nothing stops a born teacher.
Believe me, I know.
She's got it bad that one; in fact, she tried to rule the roost as soon as she could sit upright.

She mostly succeeded.
Some people are just like that.

Corporal punishment might have been threatened.
But no worries...she knows how to handle boys.
Life as the youngest teaches you to handle most anything.

....not always wisely, though.

She was a tough grader, but the funny thing was...
we all enjoyed her classes.
It was fun just to have the family together,
with Lily "in charge."
All was in its proper order.
For awhile at least.

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