Monday, November 3, 2008

Chicago Day Two and Three

Shedd Aquarium: Day Two

OK, I'd better finish this vacation blurb before I forget where we went or what we did! I'm going with the "picture is worth 1000 words" approach.

Here's Lily and the Giant Pumpkin...waiting to get into the aquarium.

Katie was absolutely riveted by all of the aquarium exhibits...she would have stayed for hours more. Timmy was engaged too. The older boys....

We all loved the 4-D show...I mostly loved seeing the kids in the cute!

And here's Lily about 2:30 in the afternoon...Zach is beside her (but on a bench thankfully).

We shopped on Michegan Ave. at the Nike Town store, and then headed to Giordanno's for what the boys quickly named, "the best pizza ever." In this picture, Lily was told to smile pretty and show her teeth. MmmmHmmm.

Katie and Tim at Giordanno's. I love this picture.
Wheaton: Day 3

Katie, Sophie and Lily...coloring.
We enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing morning with Dan and Micah. The kids were so happy to be together that they practically took care of themselves. It was great.

We got to see both Sophie (on top here) and Emme play amazing soccer games! The cheering section was loud and rowdy, you can be sure!

Aunt Micah introduced us to the wonder of Dunkin' Donuts! And luckily, there's one on every block! We had some here, right before watching Josiah play a basketball game. It was so fun to get to see him play, and he did a great job!

And we had some (chocolate donut) HERE, on our way out of town after attending College Church (where Tim and I were married back in 1991) on Sunday morning. Zach is saying "Enough with the me here!"

We had a great little trip, lots of fun memories, and it only took me about a week to get the suitcases unpacked and the clothes washed, so that's pretty good. There's a lot more to do in Chicago, of course, but I think we had a good taste and certainly had a good time together.

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