Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God's Good

Aaaaahhh, I'm frustrated because I seem to have NO TIME. But there have been so many ways that God has been merciful and good to us this week, and I just feel that I have to give him thanks! God has provided some lovely, Christ-following friends for Katie who rallied around her last week when her face exploded in a horrible skin reaction caused by a virus. God has helped me through an incredibly busy couple of days, and even provided an afternoon of childcare for Lily (thanks Lisa!) which I didn't expect but don't know how I would have done without. We've had good conversations...two sided and everything, with the older boys, and it feels so wonderful to have open communication with them. He has protected our health amidst sickness. He provided a fabulous conference for me to go to that provided me with tons of encouragement and new ideas....and I thought I was just going for the fellowship...and He gave me that too! I feel like I am a lot more connected with the younger women at church now. Wow...so many blessings...God is good, and I just wanted to say it!

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Jessica said...

God is truly a good God!