Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reflections on Lessons Learned in 2008 Part II

10 Things I Have Cherished in 2008

1. A Covenant relationship with a loving God who knows me, died to save me and gives me strength to face my fears and failures.

2. A potty trained, NON-"nuk" sucking, book-loving, persistant, independant, verbal 3 yr. old.

3. A God-loving, sweet-hearted, totally endearing nine year old boy. Nine year old boys are the best!

4. A quickly maturing but still delightfully girlish, hard-working and loving 12 year old girl with a talent for guitar.

5. A man-sized teddy bear (14)who plays hard, says little, feels a lot and always takes good care of his Mama.

6. Andrew. Just kidding...a soon to be man (15)with the desire to please God and excel in all he does, with a tender, sometimes goofy side that makes my heart glad.

7. A tender husband who pursues God, works hard, sacrifices a lot and always has time for me at the end of a long day.

8. Holidays with family and friends that have been delicious and entertaining and warm.

9. Old friends with whom I've reconnected through a reunion and facebook, dear friends and family who support me daily (you know who you are!) and new friends whom I've met through Bible study and a weekend women's retreat.

9. Time spent getting to know some godly, talented craftsmen who spent the year making my house bigger and better and encouraging me spiritually in the process! Call me for a reference if you have a house project and live in the Twin Cities. I have the men for you!

10. Time. Time to be thankful. Time to ponder. Time to rejoice.Timmy, Lily and Katie. I obviously had the camera set on the wrong exposure, but I love this picture. It's as if they are about to change before your eyes, which is actually the true state of things.


Bren said...

Aren't nine year old boys the best!!?

gianna said...

i'm waiting for mine to be that old but like i said yesterday, i am totally trying to enjoy this moment and not wish away anything.

Sarahbeth said...

Ah I love this post!