Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Bit of Sugar...and VALENTINES

Oops..I added these to the wrong article! Well, here's Katie, helping Timmy make his Valentine Box. Here's Lily making a mess while I did the hard part of her Valentines...she had to have something like 45 valentines because she's in so many groups that were exchanging them.

And here is Timmy putting his Valentines together. We had fun. If Andrew and Zach are giving any valentines this year, they aren't telling us about it!!!

Warning: Another Lily Story

My mom used to give us a little heap of powdered sugar to dip orange sections in, and since our bag of oranges this week have been hit or miss, I decided to treat Timmy and Lily with this tasty combo. (Note: it's a mystery, but the powdered sugar makes any orange taste wonderful, and dipping anything is always a hit.)

So I put the little mound of powdered sugar in the middle of the plate and arranged the orange sections in a circle around it so it looked like a flower or the sun. Timmy and Lily were duly impressed with the presentation and the flavor. After watching them eat a couple, I felt comfortable walking away. News Alert! Never leave anyone under the age of five alone with a pile of powdered sugar! You would think I would know this by now....anyway, I came back to a HUGE mess. After cleaning and cleaning both child and counter, and eating the remaining few sections of orange, I asked Lily:

"Lily, wasn't it wonderful how the oranges tasted with the sugar? Grandma used to do them that way..."

Lily: "Yeah yeah yeah, Mom" (she's picked up her expressions from her siblings.) "Well you should see how great it tastes on your skin! Try it, Mom! It's much better that way."

This explained a lot!

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Dana said...

We've done this with regular sugar ... but I can see how powdered sugar would be MUCH more fun :)