Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lucky Beans

These beans were just sprayed down with water for a few seconds, and it was amazing how their skins began to peel back and they immediately just began sucking in the moisture and swelling! THEY WANTED TO LIVE and GROW and BE!!! THEY KNEW IT WAS SPRING!!! WOW!!! We planted four lucky beans in some dirt we scooped up from the potted plant. The rest we ate.


Dana said...

Wow! You went gangbusters today on the blogging! How do you eat those beans ... in soup or what?

Suzanne said...

I did go crazy with blogging today, didn't I! I put the beans in a crock pot with chicken stock, water (to cover) and half of a ham on the bone that we had earlier this week...cooked them on high for 5 hours, thickened them with flour and water and seasoned with salt and pepper. Easy and cheap!