Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Timmy took this one last night...should have had her move back a few feet into the spotlight. This is her new swimsuit that I got from Lands End Overstocks...and my favorite black boots.
Here she decked herself out for Ella's Princess Birthday Party! But, she did not want me to take her picture; can you tell? Mom, if you are reading this I know you are laughing and having flashbacks to me and Prom '87...pretty much the same thing! But I didn't have a tiara.

Again, with the not wanting her picture taken...but I'd tried a new hairstyle and thought she looked so cute! Time's slipping away...I have to record this stuff!

"Give me a pretty smile now, Lily." Yeah, right.

Nope...wasn't happening. Gave up.

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Mike and Amanda said...

She is so Cute. Amanda and I are very sad that we are missing her grow up. Todd told us that the boy were starting to drive. Maybe we should stay here. :) JK we can't wait to see you and we hope we have lots of oppertunities to hang out this summer.