Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello from Breckenridge!

Hello everybody! We've been having a ball this week skiing, hot tubbing and watching basketball of course! Numbskull that I am, I left my camera battery charging in the charger in the wall at home, so we had to borrow Todd and Kirstin's camera (THANK YOU TO THEM! They always manage to bail us out...), but I don't have a way to upload pics to the computer. All that to say that I can't post pictures of me cutting up the slopes (read sarcasm here) until probably Monday because let us face it, I am going to have the world record laundry pile to do when we get back on Sunday afternoon. But back to me cutting up the slopes, I've skied FOUR days, which is another record, and I am so excited that Tim said my pants looked baggy tonight!!!!!!...that's worth another set of exclamation points I think!!!!!!!!...and another!!!!!!!, but I'm sure that two days of sitting in the car with our next fast food meal being my most interesting contemplation will undo any toning or tightening that might have taken place. OK, enough about that.

We completed our picks Thursday morning, and I picked UCONN to go all the way...that's the University of Connecticut by the way...I just follow Zach's advice because he's been researching this for weeks. Why reinvent the wheel? And who cares anyway? Well, a lot of adolescent and post adolescent males, it after game after game. Does anybody get this? Has anything this meaningless ever meant this much to SO MANY people? Am I the only one who even wonders this? Please tell me I'm not alone.

Alright, this is getting boring with no pictures, so I'll quit. We are leaving at 6 in the morning, going to do a Mount Rushmore driveby Lindquist style, and then either drive it all the way home or go as far as we can...I've had two dreams now about a dead cat, so I'm a little anxious to get home and check on Angel Sweetiepie Lindquist (Katie named him four years ago....the girls we got him from told us he was a girl...) Anyway, that's the plan, and on Monday I'll post some pictures and that will be much more interesting, I'm sure.

One Lily quote to finish with:
On her third day of skiing: "Dad, you can quit following me now!"


Dana said...

Hilarious ~ all of it ~ laughed out loud :)

Mike and Amanda said...

Sounds like fun!! Wish we were there! Have a safe tip home.