Monday, June 15, 2009

Poison Apple`

My house is an official disaster. There are piles everywhere. I don't worry too much because it's always like this the first week of summer. You have hot and heavy sports schedules (ie. crazy amounts of laundry), combining with the first really nice weather where you just want to be outside, on top of all the school debris that they bring home and nobody has any idea what to do with. But what you usually don't see, even at my house, is abandoned fruit. Look at this poor little apple. I walked into the mudroom, and there he was...

...forlorn...alone....half eaten.

What happened? What's his story? Can we do forensics?

...WE CAN! Big teeth marks means it couldn't have been Lily.
Undefined edges means braces.
Katie has braces.
Katie loves apples...
"KAAATTTIIIIEEEE! This is gross!!! Come get your apple!!! What have I told you......"


Lady Librarian said...

laughing, laughing again!

Unknown said...

Laughing as usual. And I loved the deductive reasoning you used to figure out whose it was.