Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Times

August has brought us some wonderful times with family and friends!

First, we were blessed to have my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Jeff (back right corner) and my cousins Jennifer and Rachel (middle of left side) up to the cabin at the beginning of the month. (Here's an early cake and icecream celebration for Jennifer and Tim...both of whom had birthdays on the same day that week.) It means so much that they'd come all this way and spend time with us, and although sadly we had to abandon them and go back to the cities because of obligations there, they hung out a couple of days and then had lunch with us on their way out of town. It was great to catch up and spend a little time with them. I don't mind saying I have a great extended family! Hopefully we didn't scare them off, and they will come back again soon! My inlaws think that my Aunt Maureen reminds them of me, and I'm HAPPY to hear that because she's a classy lady! Thanks again for coming, and please come back!

Then we were honored as my sister Alyse finished up her FINAL coursework for college (except for student teaching this Fall) in our very own living room. WAHOO! Way to go Alyse!!!! Then we relaxed at the cabin for the weekend (that's her holding Lily in this picture lest you think I discovered some amazing anti-aging serum...), but she didn't just stand around in the yard the whole time because.....we ALSO were blessed to have...

Mike and....

...his truly lovely wife Amanda, and.....

Mikes "totally awesome" jet ski! It's the original kind that you have to balance enough to stand up on....NOT EASY! (I know this because I actually tried one back in....oh....1992 or so. I was NOT very successful. In fact, I vaguely remember the owner of that jetski, Kent, having to swim out and get us (me and the jetski))!
Oh YES! You know they made her go! Tomorrow (because I'm tired and want to go to bed now), I am going to post some very funny photos of Alyse, Tim and Mike. Hint: two of the three will be seen riding the jet ski BACKWARDS. Tune in.
What? Me? You want to know if there are going to be pictures of ME riding the jet ski?
Hahahahhahaha. Amusing.
I've birthed five babies. I don't have to ride jet skis backwards. And anyway, I had my new camera firmly strapped to my body. Just in case anybody got any ideas! And they always have ideas in the Lindquist family!
Check back tomorrow!


Chris said...

Ideas...that is why Michael feels SOOOOOO at home with the Lindquist family :-)

Suzanne said...

Yes! Getting Mike and Tim together???? very dangerous.