Thursday, August 27, 2009


You've seen her as Cinderella at the Ball, but that's not the only part of the fairy tale!

Upset at having no "moneys" in her Strawberry Shortcake wallet, she decided she wanted to earn some dough just like the big kids. So here she goes!

Method: unorthodox....but effective when you're three feet tall.

Attention to detail is everything! We only pay for quality work around here!

Oh the toil!

Even the legs of the chairs got attention. She's charging a dollar for this job, so I have to make it worth it!

Now for the sweeping. This is an additional charge. Notice the payment already wadded in her grubby little grip!

Wait! What's that? I think the imagination has overtaken the capitalistic drive!

"Whoaaaa horsey. That there's the LAW!"

She makes a quick retreat! Does she think she's getting another dollar? I think not.

Oh no! "Lily, did you hurt yourself cleaning??? I am so sorry. I hate when that happens, sweetie. Let me see it....I'll help you with the bandaid...."

"Whatever MOM! Bandaid? Ha!"

The only first aid here is for low blood sugar! A Reeses Peanutbuttercup ALWAYS makes the cleaning worthwhile. That's my girl!

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Dan and Tara said...

So great! Your captions always crack me up, Suzanne.