Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunbathing Blues

I'm busy loading 500 pictures onto my computer. Now that I have my new camera and am shooting in RAW, I can only get about 120 pics per disk for backup, so the whole process takes forever.

NO PROBLEM! I can sunbathe in between. Why not? After two sunny days up at the cabin, I have some serious shoulder tan lines that I'd like to get rid of. And it is our 18th anniversary today, so I'd like a little "glow" for when we go out tonight.

Here's how the whole sorry tale went:

Remember my pantyhose drawer I blogged about last time? Well, at the VERY BOTTOM of it, I have, for emergency purposes only (like being in a wedding or something), one strapless tunic swimsuit top that modestly covers my stomache, but mentioned....strapless. I also have a fairly private deck. The only neighbor who could see me is my neighbor Beth, whose husband, I happen to know, is out of town. PERFECT!

So out I went.

Unfortunately, I was right in Andrew's line of view as he was studying at the kitchen table.

It's painful to see a 16 year old wince....and look ill....because of you....

That was followed by my 13 year old coming to the deck window and giggling...and giggling...and giggling....and then asking me if she can have a "strapless."

Then came four year old Lily. She was more subtle. She came out on the deck and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Mom, do you know what happens when you eat too much food?"


"You get fat. Like you...there (pointing) and there (pointing) and there (pointing) and there....."

"Do you know what happens when you tell your Mom she's fat?"


"You get put down for a nap."


Then, as she left (though not long...she never leaves for long....) along came the cat, who hopped up on my lap and started pawing my stomach.

Sigh. And that's why I'm sitting at my computer typing this instead of laying out in the sun.


Lisa Manrodt said...

Bummer! I think you look fabulous and fear for the rest of us if you are fat. BUT truly, Lily always makes me laugh, the way she puts things!!!

Chris said...

Hmmm...saved you from skin cancer. That's what I'd go with.