Monday, September 14, 2009

A Good Old Fashioned Arm Wrestle

This is our kitchen table.

Very interesting things occur at this table.

This would be one of them.

I have an athletic husband.

I have athletic sons.

I have athletic friends.

I EVEN have an athletic sister (blue and white shirt).

So it was bound to happen...happens all the time in fact....

physical competition at the dinner table...

because we can't just eat ALL the time.

So we decided to have arm wrestling matches. Mike (orange shirt- you've seen him here before) seemed to be an expert on the we pretty much followed his command. We really matched it up evenly (wink):

STOP! Before you pity my sister Alyse, you should know that she is an athlete by profession, trains daily, is very strong and TOUGH AS NAILS (that would be as compared to me.)

Here they go! Notice the crowd in the background. Good entertainment. And cheap!

Start thinking about who YOU think is going to win!

Look at her face! See the determination, the strength, the cords popping out on her neck! THIS girl's not gonna go down easily! But then look at her opponent....

Hmmmm...looks like he's laughing. Still, you can see the veins at his temples...the thought throbbing through his head that he better win this or be forever branded with the loathesome curse of being BEATEN in ARM WRESTLING by a GIRL!....after a summer of lifting weights!

The crowd roars! The end is near!!!......

OOOPS! I missed the finish with the camera!

Sorry about that!

BUT, it makes for an interesting question....WHO DO YOU THINK WON?

Study the faces in the background and vote on my poll question at the top of the blog. We'll see who's right!


While we would have liked to put Zach right in the hot seat to arm wrestle Alyse again, it didn't seem fair so....

..... Zach got the lucky straw of getting to arm wrestle MIKE!

They are taking this very seriously.

And it was very quick. No sweat!

This post was brought to you today by Royal Dried Mangoes...sure to give you serious problems if you eat too many at one time! Take it from the experts.

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Dana said...

FUN! So ... what kind of athlete is Alyse?

P.S. I voted for her :)