Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Next Great Thing, I Tell You!

I have come up with a groundbreaking, stunning, sure to be a winner idea. From the moment I post it on this public site, I'll have exactly one year to patent it before it becomes public domain, so I'd better find myself a good patent attorney. I'll take care of that tonight.

What it is is this:

Wait! I need to set this up so you get the full effect. Remember back when we were in high school and the girls (you could call them girls then) who took the upper levels of Home Ec. (you could call it Home Ec. then too...now it's FST or FTS or something I can never remember what it stands for...sigh) anyway the young women had to walk around school all day carrying a bag of flour, or sometimes an egg or some other easily broken thing and had to pretend it was a baby and protect it and feed it and all that.? And they got graded? And stared at funny? Well do you? Well they did.

Anyway, my idea is an offshoot of that....well not an offshoot because to be patentable it has to be new, original and not obvious. I know this stuff.

My idea is.....drumroll in your head please.......A VIRTUAL PRACTICE KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parents out there! Don't you wish you had a practice kid?....one who you could make all your mistakes on, try out your strategies on....one upon whom you could commit all the classic and universal blunders that we parents are prone to and it wouldn't matter??? You know the situations where you could either react this way or that way, but you have no idea which is the way to go? Well here you are!

It would work like this. Your virtual kid would be a robot...expensive I know, but worth it because kinetics are everything. Both parents would answer all sorts of questions into a computer program imbedded in the robot about their beliefs, personalities, goals...the whole enchilada...like a comprehensive personality test. Then you'd have each child answer a lot of questions aimed at getting a basic scan of his or her personality. Then anytime you were stuck sitting at the kitchen table with your spouse asking "What should we do? What should we do? "you'd go and input which child the robot should be, and then you'd just try it out. You could try idea after idea for getting the "kid" to remember to wash the toothpaste residue down the sink and see which one works! This is bigger than those robot vacuums, I'm sure of it!

What do you think? I'm on to something aren't I??????

No more helpless feelings!

Anybody know anything about robots?


Pippi said...

Wait...I'm still stuck on they don't call it Home Ec anymore. What is it called? Ann

Suzanne said...

Hi Ann!

You know...now they are calling it by some letters that stand for something...and I admit I've been told what they stand for and I CANNOT for the life of me remember either the exact letters or what they represent. It's a subconscious rebellion to the whole PC scene, I think...or maybe I'm just losing it. Sorry to be of no help!