Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Birthday Party Lindquist Style

Labor Day weekend was our last time up to the cabin for the summer. Unless we have guests up (which we did not this year), it's usually pretty sad because we mostly take things down and put things away.

If we do have guests we don't mind so much because we make them take things down and put things away too.

We are not shy that way.

But THIS YEAR was happier, because right in the middle of all the "shut down," we took a couple of hours to honor Tim's mom Linda and celebrate her birthday cabin style, and for a little while we forgot that summer is over and the long winter of work and schedules (and bone freezing Minnesota cold) is just around the corner.

So if these pictures look a little giddy, you'll have to excuse us. We were all grabbing hold of the fun with both hands! Happy Birthday Nana!

...not sure what Jake was doing in this picture. There is my mother-in-law, the birthday girl, enjoying the spectacle we were making on the deck of their cabin. At least I think she was enjoying it....maybe she was wondering what she had wrought!....

NOTE: We were doing the wave...but looking at the pictures...I don't think we were very good.
SECONDARY NOTE: Would you get a load of Timmy (green t-shirt)...I didn't realize this until I uploaded the pictures and viewed them on the computer, but he's stuffing his face! Shamelessly!
We hadn't even prayed yet! "TIMMY!!!!........"

He's never far from the food when it's time to eat. In fact, he is always the first in line, a result of careful positioning beforehand. I don't know why he does this. Survival technique, I guess.

YUM! Makes you want to make sloppy joes for dinner, admit it! The filling was from scratch (made by Linda), and it was delicious.

Here's the rest of the spread. Summer fare the whole way!

This is my beautiful neice...she's lovely on the inside as well as the outside, let me tell you. I owe my first experience of being an aunt to her, and she's as sweet as they come.

Timmy....back for seconds...still chewing!...

Lily had unusually bad hair that day...just for the record.

...AND the mouth is still full....maybe he's storing it up for winter......

...trying to scavenge what Timmy left behind.....

Then it was out to the dock for a present opening ceremony. And Timmy is STILL eating!!!! For those of you who are aware of Lily's swimsuit obsession, you might think that that she's giving the swimsuit one last whirl...but you'd be wrong...she's still wearing them two weeks later....we have a problem....

Singing Happy Birthday!

Tim was being funny and trying to get in all my pictures. I'm posting this one just to punish him.
Does Timmy's cheek look funny in this picture (above)? He's been complaining of a toothache on that side lately...maybe he IS hoarding food....I am wondering about this just as I'm typing this! intake exhaustion. Notice Waller's Market on the t-shirt....when I think of this summer, I'm going to think of Timmy and that green shirt. They are inseparable.

Her dad cracks her up. He makes me laugh too.

She insisted I take her picture. So cute!

If you want a young child's attention....put something in a bag and "OPEN GIFTS." They can't resist! They have to be in front...even if they know it's something like flashlight batteries...they just can't resist somebody opening presents!... They scoot closer and closer until they are breathing the same air as the present opener!
It's an interesting phenomenon!
These are the sorts of things that interest me.

They outgrow this compulsion, you can see...

These are the sorts of gifts we give here in Minnesota...even in the summer...because did I mention that summer is over?????and that winter is coming?????and we are all going to freeze?????

And there she is....breathing Nana's air, I tell you. Lily picked the necklace and earrings out for Nana, and she was SO excited (can you tell?)! Since then, Nana has worn them to church (she's a good egg), and Lily came up in the hall and excitedly told me, "Mom! I think Nana REALLY loves her 'julery'!!!"
Thank you Nana, for the lovely afternoon at the cabin. We enjoyed celebrating you and all you mean to us!


Dana said...

What a cute picture of Linda and Lily! Fun commentary too :)

P.S. I heard from someone who learned from the Farmer's Almanac that this winter is expected to be "bitterly cold" ...

Chris said...

This last picture of Linda and Lilly is just SO precious...if it were mine I would make an 8X10 and hang that baby up!