Monday, September 21, 2009

Lily's Most Amazing Trick

Lily: "LOOK! LOOK Dad, look at me! Look and I'll show you my most AMAZING TRICK !"

Tim: (while working on his youth lesson for Wed. night): "OK...yeah. Show me."

Lily: "WELL! It's a CARTWHEEL. It's my BEST trick."

Tim: "Yep. OK. Go."


Lily: "Dad, I have to learn it before I can do it!"


This is more than just a Lily story. This is also the story of MY life....always just a little step ahead of myself. In 1993 a certain Dr. Wagner said, "Congratulations, it's a boy!" Then she told the nurse to lay him in his mother's arms. And my thought was pretty much the same: "Wait! I have to learn to do this before I can be this!" Much to our amazement, they sent that baby home with us anyway. We are still learning on him.

Postnote: After about a half an hour of practicing and driving ME personally crazy, believe it or not, Lily learned to turn a cartwheel. I think it says more for her determination and stubborness than her gymnastic ability....but who knows?

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