Monday, December 7, 2009


"Ok everybody....who wants to take the annual Lindquist Christmas Picture with Nana and Papa?"

"Oh me!  Me me me me!  I do!  I want to take the picture!"

"Yes!!!  I love picture taking!  It's so FUN!"

Right you guys?  Fun???

Just hold it together there kids....

"This is more exciting than Disney World....not that I've ever been to Disney World...."

Cousin fainting in row one!  Cousin fainting in row one!

Everybody tries to stand taller than Papa!  I think they've got him!  They will all have neck aches later...

....especially this guy.  He should give it up!

"Oh this is so great.  Everybody's together..."

Everybody was together.  For a moment.  For a brief moment in time.  Before chaos ensued.... You can see it coming...

...turmoil is bubbling below the surface!  But before it errupts...

Everybody's looking good....except wait!  Nana!  Papa!  The camera's over here!  OVER HERE!

Just kidding...they got some great shots.  I just thought this one was the cutest of the two little girls.  They've got the pose thing DOWN!

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