Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Many years ago, long before Lily had arrived, we took a family vacation to La Quinta Resort in Palm Beach, CA for a few glorious days in January.  We didn't exactly TAKE a vacation there as much as we bummed along with Tim as he attended a CLE conference.  Such was our status as "a bit" of extra luggage, that we found all six of ourselves CRAMMED into a lovely room, perfect for two, which had a beautiful tiled tub, looked right out onto the courtyard pool, and...was of the tiny but picturesque variety.

The days were a delight.  We frolicked in the pool...well, the kids frolicked and we lifeguarded.  We soaked in the hot tub just feet from our door.  We delighted in the sunsoaked walks and flowers which our Minnesota senses had been deprived of for months.  It was a great situation....UNTIL evening.  What to do with four young kids all evening???  They were too little to leave behind while Tim and I went out for a romantic dinner...although we did consider it.  They were too tired to go anywhere themselves.  THAT was when we discovered "Pay Per View Movies."

We'd always considered ordering movies at hotels a luxury that was beyond our budgetary constraints.  However, it quickly became apparant that two hours of general peace for ten measly bucks wasn't such a bad idea.  In fact, it was our best option!

And THAT was when the movie "ELF" came into our lives.  I know, I know...it has some language in it!  But the choices were slim and the parents were desperate.  We soon learned when to push the mute button, because once we had bought the movie, we could watch it as many times as we liked for something like 12 hours!

It made a big impact on our children.

As you will see:

You will only understand the connection if you've seen the movie...possibly ten times...

These were taken at the "Hollidazzle Parade" in downtown Minneapolis last Friday.  It was an "Elfish" setting, you see...

None of these shots were planned...they just occurred spontaneously...randomly...

It's a state of mind.


Mike and Amanda said...

I just think that you like that new camera of yours too much. You can't help yourself from taking random pictures.

pssst.. don't worry we do the same thing!! :)

Suzanne said...

LOL...I do love my new camera....except it's heavy. Lily asked me today how can we remember things if we don't take pictures. I told her, "In your brain." "OH," she replied,"the braaaaaiiin. What's a brain?"