Monday, November 30, 2009

Nana and Papa Go to Preschool

Grandparent's Day at my littlest's preschool was an all out affair!

They even had little doorways for the grandparents to try to crawl through!  I graciously refrained from snapping a pic of Nana crawling through...

...but here she is laughing with another guest at what they had just had to go through!

When we first got there, Nana gave Lily a little surprise gift...a flute...

She loves little surprise gifts, of course.  This flute was especially cute.  I liked it too, since I can play it and my teenage boys can't, and I am all for anything I can do that they can't.  I'm think I'm getting a "short person complex" around them....but that's another post.

This post is about the great time that Lily had with her grandparents....her Papa came on Friday since she needed a grandparent both days, but I didn't get any pictures of him, sadly.

They played, crafted and I'm not sure what else for two and a half hours!  The reason I'm not sure what all they did, was because parents weren't supposed to stay.  I giggled because when I got them settled and said that I would be back later, both Nana and the next day Papa looked at me in surprise and said, "'re not staying?"  Nope!  They were on their own in preschool!

They survived!  And a fun time was had by all.

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Mike and Amanda said...

One Lily looks amazingly cute as usual. and Two I guess I never realized how much alike nana and Lily look. wow