Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recovery Road

Finally about day 4 or 5 at the hospital, I decided that a few pictures might be interesting to Lily later on.  Once she'd passed  her cognitive tests and all that, and we knew she was going to be ok, the blogger in me peeped her head up and snapped a few photos.  Since nobody under 5 could come up to the fourth floor, they let us wheel Lily down twice...once to see friend Cora and here to see cousins Annika and Mari and Aunt Kirstin.  Also pictured is Lily's Nana who spent many hours with Lily that week... So I could eat....and go for a few walks....Because eating and walking was necessary after awhile.

These were taken right before we went home.

Mostly she did this....ALL week.

And then she'd do this....only with IV tubes that kept getting tangled.  The IV came out the night before we came home...

And here is the meal that did it!  Toasted cheese sandwich.  If she could keep this baby down, she could leave the hospital!  If she couldn't, it was another night in the brig!

We prayed and wished her the best!

Here goes nothin'!

A little encouragement from "Horton the Elephant" was administered after a couple of bites...

And believe it or not, she ended up eating a WHOLE HALF...and kept it down!

They handed us SEVEN different drugs.....(in the bags)...looks like she really needs them, huh!

...we gathered our balloons....

...and our new family members and took off!

The older kids were SO happy to see Lily HOME! 

They had to examine her themselves...make sure the doctors didn't miss anything those six days...

Lily had a few stories to tell of her own!

Then the next morning....
"Teacher Heidi" (who in real life is a fabulous hairdresser) came and gave Lily a short new cut!  (We had dreadlocks going in back.)

Do you think she likes it?

Lily has loved Teacher Heidi since her first year at "Mom's Day Away."  Thanks Heidi.

There were many cards and gifts the next couple of weeks!

And, unbelievably, I don't have a picture of Lily with Grandma Marsha who came and took care of ME for the week....and played a million games with Lily too.  She was our hero!  Thanks Mom!

There was another trip back to the hospital for a follow-up MRI..

...NOT too sure about all that...but it came out as expected..

And for those of you who keep asking if we still have a dog...
We do.  It wasn't really her fault.  She's a dog.

And she's VERY VERYsorry.

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