Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy Week

Whew!  Now that was a BUSY week!  First Easter... Timmy was baptized, and I will blog about that later, but it was a lovely Easter Sunday.

...then the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY (note:  HOW HOW HOW can they call Will and Kate's wedding the wedding of the century?  HOW?  The century is only 11 years old!  There are 89 more years of this century for people to get married in... so what business do they have calling it the Wedding of the Century....but it was pretty COOL anyhow.)

I did not get up to watch it.  I was GOING to get up to watch it.  But I did not.  Because I love sleep.  Zach and I have that in common.  BUT I confess, I have now watched it three times or so on cable because I just like to have it on.  It's nice.  There aren't any bad words...the music is can fold clothes while it is on and not miss important plot lines and, last but not looks beautifully SUMMER-LIKE there, and let me tell you that is a big thing because what we have here in Minnesota cannot...CANNOT be called, DOES NOT EVEN QUALIFY AS....Spring, let alone summer.  What we have here in MN, is late winter.  Even though today is May 1st.  It is winter.

Do yourself a favor....don't move to Minnesota.  Unless you live in North Dakota, and then I think  you should consider it.

We also had Lily's 6th birthday this week.  There were TWO parties, two cakes, 28 cupcakes and generally three days of celebration.  Now tonight she is sick and sleeping next to a bucket.  Too much partying!  But on the other side of the bucket is her NEW AMERICAN GIRL DOLL.  Very exciting!  They have matching cute!

The tornados this week weren't a part of my still being winter here and all....but they were tragic and heartbreaking to hear of, and my heart has been going out to the families who've lost everything including loved ones.  I am praying that the church in the south will rise up and do what it's meant to do in showing the love of Christ to those in need!  

Now, as I am typing this (5/1/2011), they say that Usama Bin Laden is dead.  Want to hear something STRANGE?  JUST THIS AFTERNOON, as I was wiping the kitchen table, I said to my husband Tim, "I can't believe they haven't taken Ben Laden out yet since you know we have had our best men on it for a decade now."  Then we went on to discuss how he would have been caught long ago if he were anywhere except that part of the world.  I haven't mentioned Bin Laden in YEARS...don't think of him often at all.  And then just this afternoon I did.  And now they announce he was killed last week*.  Weird.  Yes?

*It was preliminarily reported that he was killed last week, but now it is clear that he was killed yesterday.  Even stranger.  (added 05/02)

So it's been quite a week.  I'll get back to blogging about our spring break in Sanibel Island tomorrow, but for and prayers for our country in this tumultuous time.



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gianna said...

Those odd things happen to me all the time.
The DAY that the 35 W bridge went out, I drove over it and thought, "it's AMAZING that they can do work on bridges and they don't collapse."

9 hours later (after I had driven over it the 2nd time), down it went.

Yes, it's odd.
But kind of cool.

I have other examples, but I will not bore you with the details!