Monday, May 9, 2011

Sanibel Stories: Beaching It

It was a dark and stormy night on the tropical island.... was pre-dawn, and it wasn't stormy,
 but it still was rather surreal.  
The beach is a strange place to be before the sun rises.  
  I see why they used it as a symbol of the subconscious in that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio that I can't quite think of the name of...Inception....that was it.  
The ocean in the dark is Mystery.
  The beach is In Between, it is Transition, it is Unknown. 
It's hard to tell where the sand ends and the water begins. 
It kind of freaked me out!
It didn't freak Zach out, though. 
 He was out for the prize...
he was hunting for the big one...
the big conch shell that is.
Slowly, imperceptably, it lightened.

It was still hard to see anything. 
 The shells appeared monotone, a dull grey.
It was at this point that Zach realized that the big one 
wasn't happening this morning. 
 There was nothing bigger than two or three inches across.

So he planted himself right here....
....and refused to move an inch.
  He was there to "go big or go home," 
and he quickly suggested that we all go home....
he even went so far as to text his dad to come get us. 
The girls were having a GREAT TIME! 
 So what if there weren't any conch shells worthy of my bathroom shelf?  
I don't even have a bathroom shelf!  
It was cool to be there...and check out the sand dollar in my mom's hand! 
 At this point something magical happened....
...all of a sudden.....
everything lit up and colors popped out all around us!
I bet that's what happens in Heaven.

Of course it was also clearly evident that some of the shells we had found were...
still occupied!

"I do believe it's a hermit crab!"
"Mom...can we keep him?"
"I'll call him Harry!"

"Grandma....check this out!  My new pet!"

"Come on out crabby crabby crabby...."

"Come on out Harry!"
"See mom, he knows his name!"
"I can't believe I have a hermit crab."

Me:  "Back in the shell there buster.  
You aren't coming with us."

It was back in the ocean for Harry.

But not before some show and tell...

...and photo ops!"

Tim showed up because Zach had texted him. 
 Which meant that I had to go wait in the car. 
 We weren't sure if we were EXACTLY legally parked...

These "friends" had to go back...but all in all...

...considering it was our first time shelling... was a good haul.

Now here is some beach worthy activity in Zachary and Andrew's book.

Andrew never did get up before sunrise and go shelling. 
 It's ok. 
 I've learned to just say that sometimes whether I really feel it or not. 
 It's ok.  It's ok.  It's ok.  
Here you try!  Say it!  "It's OK, It's OK, It's OK!"
Now say it and mean it!
You need to work on this. (cue eyebrows)

p.s...I'm a full believer in right and wrong and absolutes.  The "OK" should only be applied in non-ethical situations.  Absolutely. Please.  Thankyou.

Men on the beach.

Boy showing off on the beach.
He'd like.... show you..... it's done!
And this guy...
...wouldn't quit....
....until he was a...

....skimboard expert!
You can see that the foot injury wasn't so bad.
It didn't stop him anyway.
Little does!

"Hey...where's DAD????"
"Dad!  Show us what you got!"
to be continued....

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