Friday, May 13, 2011

Sanibel Stories: Provin' It

Warning:  Reading the following post may cause your tailbone to hurt...especially if you have ever fallen  on your tailbone.  In addition, no hermit crabs were harmed in the filming of this event.

This is my husband.
And this is why I love him.
He is a competitor. 
(For those of you who follow our sons' basketball endeavors,
 you should know that Tim is still the best shot in the family!
He PROVED it in the driveway other night.)

He is unaware of his limitations.

He, like Zachary, is generally there to "go big or go home!"
It runs in the family.
Which brought us to THIS:

But first the backstory in pictures....
The approach...

 ....Good board contact!  Good balance!  "Lookin' good hon!"

 "NOT looking so good hon!!!...

 The crowd gasps!!!  I moan!

 I moan, of course, because I am going to have to deal with the aftermath!

Provin' ya still got it to teenagers is a tough job!
But somebody has to do it!
I'm just glad it's not me!

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