Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seafood Medley

First...the backstory.

The week before the event I'm about to describe, Zachary called home on his cell asking if he could get dinner at Taco Bell.
(He usually calls and asks me this AS he is standing in line at Taco Bell.)
"No," I said, "I have dinner ready."
"What are we having?"  (He always likes to know his options.)
"Vegetable Medley," I replied.

"I'll be right home!" Zach said.

I was a bit surprised that he didn't put up a fight, but "Hey!" I thought..."maybe he's finally grown up and into an appreciation for the finer roasted turnips and fennel, and brussel sprouts!"  It could happen!

Imagine Zach's dismay when he bounded through the door five minutes later, looked at the table and said, "Where's the SEAFOOD MEDLEY?!"


"We're NOT having SEAFOOD MEDLEY?  There's NO seafood medley?  Nooooo!  Who ever heard of vegetable medley?  Can I go back to Taco Bell?"

So in order to get him to eat the offending dish, I promised him a true Seafood Medley at the first opportunity...when I could afford it.  Note:  Seafood Medleys and Veggie Medleys come with differing price points.
...even when you shop at Sam's Club.'ve been warned. we are going to start off with a truly horrible picture of yours truly...
Why put a horrible picture of myself on here?

A.  In ten years I'll think I look wonderful in this picture.....
B.  I was the hero of this story and I want full credit.
C.   This picture should just about take care of any stalker issues....

Besides sucking a lemon.....I am filling my biggest pot with fresh cold water.
You already know what's goin' in the pot!!!!

 My prep team laid out paper towels on the island.
Lily knows something big is about to happen!
 It was incredibly EASY to get them all to the table (not always the case)...
Some high class citris beverages seemed the best choice...
...and provided something for them to argue over while I tended the stove.

 Of course it wouldn't be dinner if we didn't have to tell Zach to turn off the cell phone.
You wouldn't believe.....

Crab Legs!
Lobster Tails!
Corn and Purple, Red and Yellow Potatoes!
All from the same pot!
 Andrew and I wanted to open up our pores...a seafood facial...
...the minerals from the ocean, you see....
 Digging in!

 Plenty for all!

 Here is Tim feeding Timmy a purple potato!
(If you've never tried a purple potato, run out and find some right now and try them.  They are downright FUN!"
In it goes....

 ...a moment's reflection....


 Swallowed!  To the amazement of Lily!
He didn't die.

 Excellent work Timmy!

So that's the story of the Seafood Medley and it's rejected cousin the Vegetable Medley.
Also, Zachary got a new cell phone so he can understand my words clearly when I tell him what we are having for dinner.
We could do a Verizon commercial!

P.S....Don't plan this for crowds...unless you want to take out a second mortgage...or unless you can catch those lobsters yourself!


Dan and Tara said...

You make me laugh. I love that you have 'returned' to blogging. Your family is so fun. We, however, would prefer a Vegetable Medley to a Seafood Medley.

Chris said...

Yum! Dump Dinner!

Dana said...

You're back :) I love that you're all just standing around the island ... looks like a party! Have you any other meals that you just dump out and eat off of paper towels????